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Public Theology: Creation Section
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  Creation Web Research

A New Earth Age is Upon Us: From Social Justice to Creation Justice  7/11/2017 
Larry L. Rasmussen: Article  A great awakening is underway about climate matters, despite current politics and a clown president. The laws of nature do not allow unlimited economic growth. Think planetary commons, uncontained God

Sacred Water: Dwindling Salmon and Treaty Rights in the Puget Sound  12/16/2016 
Brian Bienkowski: Article   Pacific Northwest tribes are fighting crowds, pavement and pollution to protect the centerpiece of their culture: fabled salmon runs. Oil pipelines threaten these waters, like at Standing Rock.

Trump’s United States of Oilmen  12/14/2016 
Kieran Suckling: Article  Rex Tillerson represents an existential threat to the earth. Trump cynically won votes with anti-Wall Street rhetoric, is now assembling the wealthiest, most corporate-dominated cabinet in history.

Make America Gasp Again! More Dirty Air and Water under Trump  12/9/2016 
Janet Allon: Article  Scott Pruitt, a harsh foe of pollution regulation, has been chosen to head the Environmental Protection Agency in the Trump administration. People now will know who to blame for dirty air, water.

The Right to Hope: Advent Message on the Eve of the Climate Talks in Paris  11/30/2015 
Olav Fykse Tveit: Article  The General Secretary of the World Council of Churches is in Paris for COP 21 and sees a 'green shift' is possible now more than ever.

Combating Climate Change would be Top Priority in a Clinton Administration  9/25/2015 
Hillary Clinton: Article  This democratic candidate shares her Methodist faith concerning stewardship of creation, sees the earth as our 'common home' in the words of Pope Francis.

Churches to Pray for Care of Creation  8/20/2015 
Article  Christian churches around the world will again observe the ecumenical Time for Creation (1 September to 4 October), this year bolstered by Pope Francis’s recent proclamation.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (From Distant Flames)  8/14/2015 
Alisa Opar: Article  Wildfires may be harming the health of people who live hundreds or thousands of miles from the flames. Narrow individualistic political theory cannot begin to take account of these realities.

Pope Francis Encyclical Letter is Released: Laudato Si, Care for Our Common Home  6/18/2015 
Article  The Pope thanks all people working to protect the earth, our common home. Here the ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton responds.

The Thin Green Line: The Pacific Northwest Faces Off against Titanic Coal and Oil Export Schemes  6/4/2015 
Eric de Place: Article  People living in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, have a chance now to stop coal and oil trains from contributing to massive increase of fossil fuel pollution.Read this and then do what you can!

Corrupt Human Beings are Now Destroying the Earth  4/13/2015 
Eduardo Galeano: Article  Today on the day author Eduardo Galeano has died it is good to read this essay on the destruction of our natural world by war and corporate power.

Pope to Speak on Climate Change and against the 'God of Money'  12/29/2014 
John Vidal: Article  A papal encyclical on climate change is being prepared by Pope Francis, in order to affect a major meeting in Paris in 2015. This will be a huge event in public theology for the coming year.

Lutherans Called to Increase Advocacy on Climate Change  12/16/2014 
Article  Because governments failed to take clear, positive steps on climate change at the Peru climate conference, the churches must step forward to prepare for a UN summit in Paris in 2015.

Wendell Berry: Loving the Farm, the Earth, Animals and Real Humans  10/21/2014 
Darby Minow Smith: Article  Berry believes in a God who creates a good world worthy of love. No one has more influenced both the local food and environmental movement than Berry. He is a real treasure.

The Coming Climate Revolt aganst Corporate Totalitarianism  9/23/2014 
Chris Hedges: Article  Chris Hedges along with Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, Kshama Sawant and Sen. Bernie Sanders made remarks at an event before the People's Climate March in NYC.

Real Climate Action is Entirely Possible: Everyone Called to March This Sunday  9/19/2014 
Janet Allon: Article  Saving the planet from climate change may be cheap, maybe even free, says economist Paul Krugman. Everyone should be marching this Sunday afternoon.

The Changing Wilderness  9/2/2014 
Rocky Barker: Article  Defining just what is meant by the 'wild' has never been easy. Is it what never changes? Does nature have to be managed to stay the same? Climate change is changing wilderness in Idaho.

Very Big Peoples Climate March on September 21 in New York City  7/31/2014 
Article is just one of the organizations sponsoring what will be the largest demonstration concerning climate change so far. Try to get to NYC if you can. It's really important.

WCC Now Refuses to Invest in Fossil Fuels  7/17/2014 
Article  The Central Committee of the WCC has made an important decision to care for creation and reverse climate change by saying 'no' to investment in fossil fuels.

WCC Announces September Interfaith Summit on Climate Change  7/10/2014 
Article  The World Council of Churches announced it will hold an Interfaith Summit on Climate Change on September 21-22, 2014, in New York City.

Pope Francis Makes Biblical Case For Addressing Climate Change  5/24/2014 
Jack Jenkins: Article  The 'beauty of nature and the grandeur of the cosmos' is a Christian value says the pope after a sustainability conference in Rome.

A Moral Imperative: Divest from Giant Fossil Fuel Companies  11/21/2013 
Todd Gitlin: Article  Universities, churches, cities and towns can make a difference in the public consciousness about apocalyptic climate change. Organize an effort where you go to school or church or live.

The Third Carbon Age: Renewable Energy Will Not Happen Without Politics  8/8/2013 
Michael T. Klare: Article  Here is an excellent article for pastors who want to preach on climate change. It is a history of carbon and why big companies will not change without being forced to do so.

Coal Export Terminals are a Bad Investment  7/30/2013 
David Roberts: Article  Shipping coal on the Columbia River is not only immoral and unconscionable but a terrible investment, according to a new report from Goldman Sachs.

Big Practical Proposals on Climate Crisis Can Be Done Now  7/2/2013 
Christian Parenti: Article  EPA regulation of carbon emissions, a Big Green Buy by governments, can be pushed by new mass protests to deal with the 'Rebellions of Nature' against industrial pollution.

Coal Trains Threaten the Pacific Northwest  5/2/2013 
Article  What is especially not needed right now is more infrastructure to transport and burn more coal in the world. The fact is that coal is dirty energy, very dirty. It should be left in the ground.

Brand Portland — The Greenwashing Machine  3/23/2013 
Nicholas Caleb : Article  Nothing is sacred, market thinking trumps everything, even in Portland, Oregon. This is a manifesto for environmental justice.

Environmental Justice for All God’s Children  2/13/2012 
David Saperstein: Article  A new energy and environment declaration has been signed by Jewish leaders. Read why this is so important today.

Big Storms Require Big Government  1/26/2012 
Christian Parenti: Article  Climage change is real, 2011 was a year of extreme weather events requiring major responses from government without which communities cannot recover. Anti-government zealotry is clearly wrong-headed.

Going Green in the Local Church Brings New Members  1/6/2010 
Linda Bloom: Article  Some local churches are finding that concrete steps to care for creation provide an attractive witness to others. Read about what some United Methodists are doing.

Creation on the Cross: A Lutheran Earth Spirituality  1/4/2010 
Ed Knudson: Article  Adult Forum presentation, Agnus Dei Lutheran Church in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Church Bells Ring for Climate Change  12/15/2009 
Bill McKibben: Article  One of the foremost leaders against global warming talks about how it feels to be in a Lutheran cathedral in Copenhagen right now.

Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change  9/30/2009 
Article  An interfaith statement on climate change has been prepared for a United Nations meeting in Copenhagen in December.

World Heading for Major Upheavals in 2030  3/19/2009 
Article  An apocalyptic scientific scenario is presented by the chief science advisor in Britain, John Beddington.

World Water Day on March 22   3/19/2009 
Article  Access to water should be a human right says the Ecumenical Water Network of the World Council of Churches. Local congregations can be involved.

Congregations: Put a Farmers Market in Your Parking Lot  3/10/2009 
Article  The local food movement may provide opportunities for ministry in many local neighborhoods.

Why Societies Collapse  2/9/2005 
Comment  A review of Jared Diamond's book Collapse in Grist Magazine.

Intelligent Design is Politics not Science  2/7/2005 
Article  A 'Wedge Document' from the Discovery Institute in Seattle demonstrates that the so-called Intelligent Design or Creation Science movement is wholly fundamentalist politics.

Bush Misuses Science   8/8/2003 
Comment  A new report shows how the Bush administration distorts the facts.

The Success of Religion   10/17/2002 
Comment  A review of Darwin's Cathedral: Evolution, Religion, and the Nature of Society.

Creation Section

One of the most important issues in Public Theology is the role of science. And one of the most important issues for all people in the world is the question of sustainability. The future of "creation" is literally at stake in the political decisions made by governments and the personal decisions made by communities, familes and individuals.

Most of the concerns of the religious right, for example, have emerged because of its rejection of the results or implications of modern science not only for basic faith but also for ethics and morality. We believe that the religious right so focuses debate on the wrong issues that it has a disabling effect on the capacity of the larger community to adequately address the very real concerns involved in the relation between science and society.

Much political debate these days has to do with questions such as: What institutions should most properly fund and support what types and kinds of scientific research and technology: the academy, corporations, government? How should the benefits of science be distributed among what groups of people? Does science threaten Christian faith?

Science in the form of climate change studies has become apocalyptic in its implications for the future of the earth. Global population increases threaten to overcome the carrying capacity of the earth. There is no question that the life patterns of human beings in the advanced nations need to dramatically change. We are actually in a situation of having to rethink the fundamentals of what it means to be a human being and what it means to live a human life. Most people in their own life styles have not even begun to face the implications of all these matters.

Here are some Internet resources for more information:
  • Journey of the Universe. Film trailer. "Explore the epic of evolution with acclaimed evolutionary philosopher Brian Thomas Swimme filmed on the Greek island of Samos. Swimme weaves a compelling story of the unfolding universe and humanity’s evolving place in it."
  • This is a key website in the environmental movement right now, founded by Bill McKibben.
  • EcoFaith Recovery. A growing network of Lutherans and other Christians in the Portland metropolitan area – and expanding throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest – who are waking up to the profound ecological-economic-spiritual crisis we are facing on the planet.
  • The Climate Reality Project. This includes a grassroots network of more than 4,000 trained volunteers who live and work all over the world, personally trained by the chairman, former Vice President Al Gore. It provides presentations to both educate people about climate change, and build local networks of climate activists who work in their own communities and countries demanding solutions.

  • Climate Action Coalition. Several groups coming together for common action in Portland, Oregon.
  • Eco-Justice program of the National Council of Churches. This site provides many resources for use in local congregations.
  • Zygon Center at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. A center for the study of science and religion.
  • Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (CTNS)
  • ELCA Alliance for Faith Science and Technology
  • NRPE. The National Religious Partnership for the Environment is an association of independent faith groups across a broad spectrum: the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the National Council of Churches U.S.A., the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, and the Evangelical Environmental Network. Each Partner — in common biblical faith but drawing upon its disctinctive traditions — is undertaking scholarship, leadership training, congregational and agency initiative, and public policy education in service to environmental sustainability and justice. Together, they seek to offer resources of religious life and moral vision to a universal effort to protect humankind's common home and well-being on Earth.

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