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Public Theology: Economy Section
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  Economy Web Research

Diseases of Despair  9/4/2017 
Chris Hedges: Article  Capitalism has created a decayed world where opportunity, which confers status, self-esteem and dignity, has dried up for most Americans. They are expressions of acute desperation and morbidity. Rise!

How to Talk about Economic Equality in Ways that Make Sense to People  7/10/2017 
Katy Wright: Article  Oxfam leads in analyzing the global wealth divide. Just 8 men now own same wealth as half the world. How can we talk about this in a way that makes a difference?

How Truckers are Treated in the U.S.: Indentured Servitude  6/21/2017 
Brett Murphy: Article  Trucking companies in California have spent the past decade forcing drivers to finance their own trucks by taking on debt they could not afford. Companies then used that debt as leverage over them.

Examining Economic Nationalism: The Pitfalls of 'Buy American'  6/16/2017 
Dana Frank: Article  Dana Frank, history professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, is interviewed about 'Buy America' campaigns and 'America First'. Not so good for workers.

For Real Democrats: Envisioning a Post-Trump Future  5/22/2017 
Josh Hoxie: Article  In a new book Gar Alperovitz challenges us to think past today’s daily scandals to consider exactly what kind of society we want to live in.

Trump Listens to CEOs But Not Manufacturing Workers  2/28/2017 
Leo Gerard: Article  Workers know from bitter experience that CEOs don’t have their best interests in mind. TPP and NAFTA were drafted by CEOs, not workers. New studies support workers' views.

Trump's Economic Proposals Spell Disaster for America’s 155 Million Workers  1/28/2017 
David Cay Johnston: Article  Millions of voters believe putting Donald Trump in the White House will lift them out of the economic hell they have endured for decades. They could not be more wrong.

The End of Capitalism and the End of Our World  1/2/2017 
Crawford Kilian: Article  What comes after capitalism in its final crisis, now under way, is a prolonged period of social entropy or disorder without public institutions capable of solving problems says Wolfgang Streeck.

Obama's Economic Policy Failures Lost the Election for Hillary and Severely Damaged Democrats  12/29/2016 
Walden Bello: Article  The Obama administration failed to break up the big banks, provided no relief for hard-up homeowners, and offered struggling workers more ill-advised trade deals. No surprise the Rust Belt rebelled.

A Strong, Smart State Can Create Economic Prosperity for All  7/19/2016 
Mike Konczal: Article  Two new books show how Paul Ryan's ideas from Ayn Rand are so wrong. America has always had a 'mixed economy', both market and state. This article helps understand subsidiarity views today.

Serious Economic Chaos Ahead: A Chance for Politics  6/25/2016 
Chris Hedges: Article  Big losses by banks and investors due to Brexit will bring them to demand another bailout like 2008. That could lead to a Trump victory. Big political decisions ahead says Michael Hudson.

Democrats Must Seriously Expand Outreach to the Whole Working Class  5/18/2016 
Carl Raschke: Article  Hillary Clinton's announcement that she will use her husband for economic advice is a terribly serious mistake. She must pivot fast toward a position of economic justice for white working people.

Interfaith Movement Seeks Federal Minimum Wage of $15  4/4/2016 
Robert Borosage: Article  Jim Winkler of the NCC and Simone Campbell of Network social justice lobby are leading an interfaith alliance calling on presidential candidates to pledge moral action on the economy, a living wage.

People Demand 'Banks for the Common Good' to Overthrow Multinational Behemoths  3/10/2016 
Nika Knight: Article  A coalition of social justice groups in Scotland looks at the economic and ecological dangers of corporate mega banks and mounts an argument for democratic reform.

This Labor Day Consider These Actual New Ideas for the Economy  9/7/2015 
Article  Just when we need really new good ideas for the American economy, the Republican Party is going whacko, losing its grip on any reality except anger and hostility. Consider these proposals.

How the American South Drives the Low-Wage Economy  7/20/2015 
Harold Meyerson: Article  Southern religious expression still dominates the public context. And the Southern labor system (slave labor, low pay) has been moving north due to a Southernized Republican Party.

Groundbreaking Book on The Sacred Economy of Ancient Israel is Published  5/6/2015 
Article  Agricultural subsistence models may hold the greatest promise for the thriving of contemporary communities according to a new book by Roland Boer. Here are endorsements from Horsely, Bruggeman, others

The Political Roots of Widening Inequality  5/2/2015 
Robert B. Reich: Article  Corporate profits are way up; workers' wages are way down. The reason is politics, not economics. Corporate leaders have the power now to set the rules in their favor. This must change.

Baltimore Burns Because Corporate America Turned Its Back on American Cities  4/29/2015 
Joel Joseph: Article  Don't provide jobs or schools, but send in plenty of police to harass poor black people in the cities. Jobs were taken from Baltimore and sent overseas.

A Genuinely Revolutionary Christian Politics May Now Be Possible  4/21/2015 
Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig: Article  Two new books by Nicole Aschoff and Kevin Kruse are discussed. The books demonstrate new ways to tell the history of Capitalism and its ending. Pope Francis may be a key figure in this.

The Free-Market Fantasy  4/21/2015 
Nicole Aschoff: Article  Labeling the market natural and the state unnatural is a convenient fiction for those wedded to the status quo. Private firms serve capitalism not democracy or a sustainable environment.

The 'Stealth Politics' of the Wealthy: Stealing Money and Power from the People  4/6/2015 
Sam Pizzigati: Article  Using hard data, political scientist Benjamin Page says the average citizen has no influence in government today. But the wealthy always get what they want. 'Pluralism' no longer describes politics.

Understanding the New Global Economy  10/10/2014 
Conn M. Hallinan: Article  To understand economics you have to look at actual institutional structures, not just 'markets'. The BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are important new structures on the world stage.

A New Kind of Socialism is Possible in the United States  9/17/2014 
Richard D. Wolff: Article  Socialists still have the accumulated history, experience, and theoretical means to define a socialism for the 21st century that can rally, mobilize, and unify capitalism’s diverse victims and critics

A New Gameplan for Taking Down Privatizers  7/14/2014 
Sam Pizzigati: Article  A new study shows privatization leads to more inequality. What's needed are new forms of public ownership, especially in energy. And Amazon, Google, and Facebook should now become public utilities.

Thinking Big about Changing Economic Institutions  7/6/2014 
Scott Gast: Article  The public church today must work to help create new economic institutions, not just policies, in this country. Gar Alperovitch talks about how to begin to do it.

A Serious New Possibility: Economic Prosperity with Balanced Climate Change  6/29/2014 
Clive Thompson: Article  How can we make the global economy work for 7 billion humans? Stop growing it. Think about a whole new era of peace and human flourishing!

Capitalism in its Current Form Undermines Democracy  5/28/2014 
Thomas Piketty: Article  Here is an excerpt of a book on economics and income inequality which is being very widely read so as to significantly alter the terms of political debate on these matters.

Extreme Inequality is Morally Wrong, UnAmerican, Bad for Democracy and Economy; So Why is it Getting Worse?  3/28/2014 
Ed Knudson: Article  Extreme wealth concentration is now as bad as before the Great Depression. Why can't Americans get excited by this and do something politically? Read Paul Krugman...

Minimum Wage Will Be A Defining Issue For 2014 Elections  12/18/2013 
Dave Johnson: Article  A political steamroller is developing around the need to raise the wages of American workers. Business should have to pay people adequately so taxpayers don't have to make up the difference.

Global Rebellion: The Crisis of World Capitalism  8/26/2013 
William I. Robinson: Article  Global financial elites now see themselves as the ruling class, but are confused, reactive, and sinking into a quagmire of their own making,

Predators and Creators in the Future of Capitalism  5/26/2013 
Geoff Mulgan: Article  The economic crisis was a dramatic reminder that capitalism can both produce and destroy, but the crisis also presents an historic opportunity to choose a radically different future for capitalism.

A New Corporate World of Privilege and Prerogative  5/17/2013 
Stanley Aronowitz: Article  Here is an update on a famous 1950s book by C. Wright Mills called 'The Power Elite' which can help us understand corporate power today and its influence in government.

What Then Must We Do? Straight Talk about the Next American Revolution  5/13/2013 
Sam Pizzigati: Article  Gar Alperovitz in a new book envisions a steady expansion of wealth-democratizing institutions creating a prehistory for the next American revolution. Here is a realistic economic strategy!

Sequester Cuts Hurt Millions of Working Class Families  4/10/2013 
Kate Randall: Article  The economy itself suffers when government stops supporting working class families. Conservatives today want to hold back economic success for these families.

Marx’s Revenge: How Class Struggle Is Shaping the World  3/27/2013 
Michael Schuman: Article  News flash: This article on Marx was published in the business section of Time magazine! Maybe the business class is getting seriously worried about inequality.

Corporations Once Actually Paid Taxes  3/13/2013 
Sam Pizzigati: Article  The current European revolt against CEO greed, if successful, might leave Corporate Europe looking just like Corporate America — in the 1950s.

Don't Cut, Invest! Why the Obama Administration Should Support a Federal Job Guarantee Program  3/12/2013 
Alan A. Aja: Article  Without work people cannot eat, house themselves, care for their families, or contribute to the community. We should not tolerate current levels of unemployment in this country. Austerity doesn't work

Chávez is Dead, His Legacy Remains  3/11/2013 
Greg Grandin: Article  The U.S. corporate media will not admit how much the Venezuela leader did for the poor in his country and other nations in Latin America. Read this piece for the truth about Hugo Chavez.

Life is Tragic: The End of the Big Box Era  2/25/2013 
James Howard Kunstler: Article  After ruining America, the age of giant chain stores like WalMart is coming to an end. This means new opportunity. Young folks can rebuild local economies including main street and agriculture.

Capitalism is Now Seriously Damaging American Society  12/2/2012 
Steve Fraser: Article  For forty years those who believe ultimately in capitalism have had their way. Results: Cities decline, obscene inequality, families and communities destroyed.

The Wild Utopianism of Mitt Romney's High Faith in Market Fundamentalism  10/17/2012 
Michael Meurer: Article  The debt crisis narrative masks the largest ongoing financial swindle in human history.

Vulture Capitalism is How Romney Made His Money  9/1/2012 
Matt Taibbi: Article  A new form of capitalism has emerged since the 1980s which is bad for the country, for workers, for everyone. A vulture capitalist should not be president.

Sixty Faith Leaders Support Family Economic Security in Current House Deliberations  8/2/2012 
Article  Faith leaders and theologians have signed a statement opposing efforts of the Republican-led House of Representatives to raise taxes on 25 million working Americans and cut taxes for the super rich.

Romney Economic Policy Same As George W. Bush  7/27/2012 
Paul Waldman: Article  The GOP has already rejected Bush II but when pressed for details Mitt Romney only repeats policies of the previous president.

The History of Debt: Slavery, Money, and the Crucial Role of Violence  5/1/2012 
David Graeber: Article  Here an anthropologist associated with the Occupy Movement discusses a very broad viewpoint on 'the economy' with implications for understanding Israel and Jesus.

Mitt Romney and Bain Capital Practice Savage Capitalism  4/30/2012 
Pete Kotz: Article  Republicans are about to nominate a presidential candidate who made millions destroying jobs and companies, preying upon the weak, demanding taxpayer money, and then bragging this is 'success'.

Debate Industrial Policy, Not Austerity  4/16/2012 
Dave Johnson: Article  A speech by Gene Sperling on government support for manufacturing is analyzed here. This is what should be discussed in the campaign to deal with deficits and unemployment.

The Predator Corporation: How It Has Come to Dominate the Economy  4/2/2012 
William Lazonick: Article  Corporations no longer serve society, they serve themselves, and are now destroying livlihoods of the people and our democracy. Here are real facts and concrete proposals to reckon with.

Why America Failed: 'They Ate Each Other'  3/9/2012 
Nomi Prins: Article  An interview with Morris Berman who tells a truth about the country most cannot disagree with but is hard to bear. Capitalism has already destroyed democracy.

Concern for Economic Justice is Based on Envy Not Fairness, says Romney  1/12/2012 
Tanya Somanader: Article  On the Today Show Mitt Romney tells Matt Lauer that Obama is against 'one nation under God' by criticizing wealth distribution and predatory financial practices. See the video here.

Beyond Capitalism and Socialism: An Exciting Model for a New Economics  12/17/2011 
Gar Alperovitz: Article  People sense there is something terribly wrong with things as they are. Decline and decadence are not inevitable. From Mondragon to Cleveland, worker cooperatives can be a community-building system.

Obama Finally Speaks Clearly about Economic Inequality  12/7/2011 
Steve Benen: Article  Obama goes to Osawatomie, Kansas, to echo themes of Teddy Roosevelt's New Nationalism speech 101 years ago.

Secret Fed Loans to Big Banks Now Exposed  11/28/2011 
Bob Ivry: Article  Here are the details of the largest bank bailout in U.S. history, which could unite folks in the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street.

Military State Capitalism: The Wrong Jobs Program  11/17/2011 
Mark Engler: Article  Anyone who thinks of themself as a capitalist should read this article. Some capitalists today actually agree more than they know with Marxist economists.

A Movement for a Moral Economy  11/7/2011 
Frances Fox Piven: Article  A well-known sociologist discusses the war against the poor exposed now by the Occupy Wall Street movement which focuses on social justice, inequality, as the central issue of our times.

Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%   10/18/2011 
Joseph E. Stiglitz: Article  Here is an article which helped create the Wall Street Occupation movement. The top one percent control 40 percent of the wealth of the nation. Incredible, obscene inequality,

We Are Not Your Human Resources  10/18/2011 
David Michael Green: Article  Young people in the Occupation movement have never experienced a society with real opportunities and a strong middle class. It's been all downhill since the 1980s.

Why People Don't Have Jobs: The Deindustrialization of America  9/27/2011 
John R. MacArthur: Article  Goodbye to Fosteria, Ohio. How so-called 'free trade' and NAFTA hurts workers and destroys American communities.

The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World  9/26/2011 
Jeremy Rifkin: Article  Lots of good people are thinking very seriously about the future of energy/society. Here is one of the best of them, a teacher of corporate and government leaders.

Heal America. Tax Wall Street  9/1/2011 
John Nichols: Article  Wall Street caused the financial crisis, it should share responsibility for correcting it, say National Nurses United. Let's install a fair financial transaction tax!

The Gross Injustices of the Neoliberal World Order  8/6/2011 
Sherry Ortner: Article  To understand current economic realities new language is being used. Naomi Klein calls neoliberalism 'disaster capitalism'.

Misreading History: Conservative Market Ideas Would Lead to Another Great Depression  7/17/2011 
Robert S. McElvaine: Article  Marketism, or market fundamentalism, is a set of religion-like beliefs the GOP is now trying to force on Obama in the debt crisis. To learn from history you have to interpret it correctly.

Democrats Should Just Say No to Republican Extremism on Debt Ceiling  7/6/2011 
Robert Borosage: Article  Even David Brooks says Republicans are no longer a normal governing party. What they want is bad for the country, for the economy. But Democrats are giving in.

Violent Sex and Violent Economics: Worlds Collide in a Luxury Suite   5/23/2011 
Rebecca Solnit: Article  Some thoughts about Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF, global injustice, a stranger on a train, and sexual exploitation.

The Institutional Foundations of Middle-Class Democracy   5/9/2011 
Jacob S. Hacker: Article  Local congregations can play a key role in political discussion about economy. Here is an excellent discussion paper for adult forums on the financial crisis and inequality.

Wal-Mart Damages the Lives of Communities and Millions of People  4/29/2011 
David Moberg: Article  Rather than democratic governance, it is Wal-Mart who sets economic rules, and its workers, communities, and tax payers pay the costs.

Students, Young and Old Workers, Salaried Professionals, and Seniors Should Oppose the Ryan Republican Budget  4/15/2011 
Chuck Marr: Article  Income inequality is now at obscene levels but the Paul Ryan budget would make it much worse. This budget is a cruel joke for America.

A Center-Right Debate in a Center-Left Nation  4/14/2011 
Robert Borosage: Article  Obama's speech on fiscal policy fails to propose what's really necessary to get the economy moving again and producing real jobs.

Market Fundamentalism has become a National State Religion  4/9/2011 
David Korten: Article  Profit-centered market fundamentalism has become a national religion perverting historic social values and claiming for itself dominance in public culture.

Koch Brothers: The Face of Corporate Irresponsibility  4/8/2011 
John Aloysius Farrell: Article  Read here about the funders of the Tea Party and who wants the EPA not to regulate greenhouse gases, one issue at stake in closing down the federal government.

Obama and Big Business  3/31/2011 
Robert Scheer: Article  GE executive Jeff Immelt becomes a part of the Obama administration. A political cartoon exclusive to this website is a comment on Obama's addiction to the very people who caused the economic crisis.

Economic Democracy for the 21st Century: A Radical Critique and New Ideas  3/26/2011 
Carl Davidson: Article  This is a review of five books on the highly successful Mondragon economic cooperative in the Basque area of Spain, a model for economic development in the U.S.

The Shock Doctrine Unleashed in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Throughout the Country  3/15/2011 
Naomi Klein: Article  For decades right-wing ideologues have exploited crises to push through an agenda that has nothing to do with resolving those crises. Wisconsin is no different.

America's Greediest: The 2010 Top Ten  12/20/2010 
Sam Pizzigati: Article  Nick Saban, Howard Schultz, Daniel Akerson, Don Blankenship, David Cote, David Tepper, Lloyd Blankfein, Mark Hurd, Larry Ellison, Andrew Clark.

Betrayed Hope: Whose Side is Obama on?  12/11/2010 
James K. Galbraith: Article  Read this excellent speech by an esteemed economist on the very dark time ahead, the realistic options for political organizing. We need to lose our fear and face the facts.

A Rational Approach to Reducing the Deficit  12/7/2010 
Joseph E. Stiglitz: Article  A Nobel laureate in Economics, without name-calling or partisan attacks, offers some actually sane policy proposals for deficit reduction, but corporations won't like it so it can't be done.

How to Manage the Destructive Cycles of Capitalism  12/5/2010 
Richard D. Wolff: Article  Since the right wing media have been attacking Obama for being a socialist many young people are becoming interested in socialism, what it means as an option beyond Paul Krugman and Keynesism..

Understanding Immigration and Inequality by the Numbers  9/22/2010 
Mark Engler: Article  Immigrant workers contribute to the expansion of the American economy and do not take jobs from native workers, according to economic studies.

An Economic Prophet Criticizes Wild Wall Street Profiteering  6/25/2010 
Paul M. Barrett: Review  Crisis Economics: A Crash Course on the Future of Finance. By Nouriel Roubini and Stephen Mihm. 353 pp. The Penguin Press. $27.95

Chinese Workers Strike: An Event of Historic Proportions  6/17/2010 
Ed Knudson: Article  Charlie Kernaghan of the National Labor Committee urges everyone to send a message to Honda management to negotiate in good faith with striking workers.

The Purpose Motive is More Important than Profit Motive for Human Being  5/30/2010 
Article  An animated presentation on the results of scientific studies of human motivation reveals some surprises for those who believe traditional economic assumptions.

Crucial Economic History on Equality  5/24/2010 
Article  Everyone should study the year 1910 to understand the times of our own lives 100 years later. Do we want 'the utter despoilment of the many for the benefit of a few?'

Banks are Criminals: A Lost Decade Ahead for Home Owners  5/12/2010 
Mike Whitney: Article  Mortgage companies are trying to hold on long enough for home prices to rise, but in the process are wrecking the market. Time for a National Bank.

Equality is Good for Society and Local Community  4/5/2010 
Sam Pizzigati: Article  A new report by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett shows how life is better for everyone when there is more equality in the distribution of incomes.

Recent Report Demonstrates Vast Increases in Global Urban Poverty  4/5/2010 
Adam Parsons: Article  At the World Urban Forum people learned that city-dwellers will rise to 2/3rds of humanity by 2030. Vast urban slums are being created.

Monopolization: Why New Jobs are Not Being Created  3/16/2010 
Barry C. Lynd: Article  Real entrepreneurs, real scientists, real executives, real bankers, real farmers, real software engineers, real venture capitalists understand quite well how real monopoly power is used against them.

An Economic Elite is Destroying American Society  3/14/2010 
David DeGraw: Article  Here are details of the names and structures of persons in positions of power in America today, including information about the Business Roundtable.

Blinded by Ideology  3/11/2010 
Paul Krugman: Article  If there is one image which portrays the reason for the financial meltdown it is this one. Krugman talks about Alan Greenspan and Ayn Rand.

The Colonization of Consciousness: American and Global Corporate Financialism  3/1/2010 
Joe Bageant: Article  From the South, a writer sees the honest reality of life and class in the U.S., the marketplace of culture, an occupied totalitarian society, unstable capitalism, hope as magic thinking.

Joe Stack: I Have Had Enough  2/27/2010 
Article  Big business exploits everyone, and big government helps them do it, says the man who flew a plane into an IRS building in Texas.

Democrats Must Wake Up to the Current Economic Emergency  1/23/2010 
Bob Herbert: Article  Democrats are in power. That they are not spending every waking hour trying to fix the broken economic system and put suffering Americans back to work is beyond pathetic.

Business under Republicans Delivers a Big Zero for the Decade  12/28/2009 
Paul Krugman: Article  Lower retirement incomes, no increase in employment, flat wages, bad accounting practices, wholesale failure of financial markets, it's been a very bad economic decade. Anyway, Happy New Year!

Cantwell is Key Figure in Reform of Finance Regulation  11/30/2009 
Robert Kuttner: Article  Read the inside story of how Summers and Geithner are resisting finanancial regulatory reform being pushed by Washington State Senator Maria Cantwell.

Corporate Killing Fields  11/3/2009 
Joe Bageant: Article  The writer finds the common in Mexico. Commodity capitalism, economic totalitarianism, gunpoint optimism are destroying society and culture and the real meaning of work.

Free Market Myths Used to Cover Up How Goverment Regulation Benefits Wealthy  10/29/2009 
Dean Baker: Article  Using copyright, patents, bankruptcy and financial regulation as examples, an economist shows how free market rhetoric obfuscates the real role of government regulation.

Entrenched Corporate Power Dominates Global Financial Meeting  10/1/2009 
Mark Engler: Article  Casino capitalism is still the order of the day after the recent G20 meeting in Pittsburgh. Obama admininstration fails to support executive pay caps.

Globalization as Farce: Criminal Class on Wall Street Relies on Military Force  9/22/2009 
Chris Hedges: Article  Protests against the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh need to expose the total failure of market-based globalization which enriches the few and impoverishes the many.

Economic Change and the Myth of Constant Growth  7/30/2009 
Naomi Klein: Article  This is a moment of possible progressive change of economic structures, but the Sarah Palin myth of unlimited environmental resources must be exposed.

'The Cause of My Life: Inside the Fight for Universal Health Care  7/22/2009 
Edward M. Kennedy: Article  This article provides background and history on health care reform by one of its most passionate proponents over the years.

Tax Debate Crucial for Working Folks and the American Future  7/21/2009 
Robert Parry: Article  'We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentration, but we can't have both.'

Conservative Egalitarians  5/25/2009 
Sam Pizzigati: Article  A book by Benjamin Page and Lawrence Jacobs suggests Americans are ready for Class Warfare after all.

The Longer Reform is Delayed, the Bloodier the Revolution  5/20/2009 
John Kay: Article  The financial media is beginning to see that it is oligarchs and financiers, fixers and traders, who are the real cause of the current economic suffering of millions.

A New Social Mission for the Church: Labor Organizing  4/28/2009 
Nancy MacLean: Article  Might the nation’s churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples again have a role in rescuing a wayward economy? About Francis Perkins, Hilda Solis, and Kim Bono.

The Manna Story and the Sabbath Principle  4/10/2009 
Peter Laarman: Article  We should not confuse big-time criminality with small-time folly. This moral obfuscation allows the far greater misfeasance of corporate creditors to get airbrushed out of the picture.

Prophetic Disruption  4/2/2009 
Ed Knudson: Article  A justice ministry for responsible development in Tacoma, Washington, is discussed with a focus on immigant workers at a Point Ruston luxury development.

WCC Urges Global Economic Justice at the G20  4/2/2009 
Article  Samuel Kobia sends a letter to Gordon Brown about the G20 meeting and proposes increased role for the United Nations.

The Corporate Domination of Higher Education  3/29/2009 
Chris Hedges: Article  Facing the truth of how much economic institutions dominate society makes it possible to imagine how it should be different.

Obsessive Financial Deviants   3/22/2009 
Matt Taibbi: Article  The global economic crisis isn't about money - it's about power. How Wall Street insiders are using the bailout to stage a revolution.

No Return to 'Normal' Economic Policy  3/19/2009 
James K. Galbraith: Article  This is an indepth analysis of Obama's economic policy advisors and why a very bold approach like the New Deal is now necessary for people to have jobs and the elderly to have income.

A Global Justice Rebellion  3/18/2009 
Mark Engler: Article  A portion of Mark Engler's book is presented here on new ways to organize the global economy including ideas from the World Social Forum.

Economic Hard Times Means Trouble for Non-Profits  3/14/2009 
Eyal Press: Article  The ACLU and lots of others who depend on contributions are finding their givers no longer are able to give.

Obama Encouraged to Change Immigration Policies  3/11/2009 
Article  NCC General Secretary Kinnamon calls on Obama, Napolitano to signal a new day in immigrations policy after a raid in Washington State.

A Moral Force that Confronts the Society   3/11/2009 
Article  A Lutheran laments his church's inability to stand up for the homeless, quoting John Steinbruck of Luther Place in Washington D.C. and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

A Social Democratic Economist for Our Times: John Kenneth Galbraith  1/19/2009 
Ed Knudson: Article  A biography of Galbraith by Richard Parker is reviewed by J. Bradford DeLong. Democratic leaders lost their nerve to do what Galbraith thought best.

Republicans Against Worker Organizing  1/3/2005 
Article  Little by little Republicans on the National Labor Relations Board are making it hard for unions to organize workers.

The Loss of Livelihood: One Family's Experience  12/30/2004 
Article  Peter G. Gosselin writes about a family losing economic security and what it meant for faith and life.

Poverty as a Moral Values Issue  12/22/2004 
Article  Don Lattin of the San Francisco Chronicle writes about those trying to make poverty an issue in the moral values debate.

Historical Highlights of the Religion-Labor Movement  12/22/2004 
Article  From the Interfaith Worker Justice website, this article provides background on specific people and events.

Good Economic Planning? Some See Major Crisis Coming  12/6/2004 
Article  Paul Krugman, Robert Reich, and Stephen Roach have become economic prophets of doom. But the people who can do something about it don't believe in good economic planning.

What Money Can't Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets  11/22/2004 
Comment  Michael J. Sandel delivered the Tanner Lectures on Human Values at Brasenose College, Oxford, on May 11 and 12, 1998.

IMF and WCC Discuss Global Poverty   3/17/2003 
Article  The International Monetary Fund and World Council of Churches are talking.

The Prophet Has Spoken: Greenspan on Ethics and the Economy   7/16/2002 
Comment  Federal Reserve Chairman talks about corporate greed.

Enron Just Tip of Iceberg   6/22/2002 
Comment  Hedrick Smith reports on Frontline

Economy Section

The primary political contest in the United States since the rise of industrial society has been between those who believe the government should regulate the economy and those who believe that the economy can best regulate itself through the free market without governmental interference.

At this website we suggest that it is not a free market that is most important, but a free society. The people should be free to live as they decide, the market must be managed for the benefit of that freedom. This is not a rejection of capitalism in favor of socialism; it is a concept of what can be called "well-managed capitalism." Exactly what that means will be the subject of much discussion here. Watch for many articles on the left menu in the future, as well as in other sections of the website.

“I hope we shall... crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and to bid defiance to the laws of our country.”
-- Thomas Jefferson, letter to George Logan, November 12, 1816
Articles will include interpretations of economic history and debates over the meanings of the terms "capitalism" and "socialism." These debates in the last years, since Reagan announced in 1980 that "government is the problem," have been terribly confused. Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 the political meanings of these terms has shifted. It used to be that Communism was socialist. Now the right wing radio zealots define any government program as socialistic, even fixing roads and regulating the quality of food and meat. All social welfare is socialist to these so-called conservatives. They are doing a huge disservice to the vast millions of Americans whose lives have been enhanced through what has been managed capitalism since the New Deal of Franklin Roosevelt, who began in the 1930s what we define here as social democracy for the United States.

The economy over which the conservatives (the free market and the importance of personal property are originally "liberal" ideas, now called "neoliberal" by thinkers in other parts of the world) have ruled now for four decades (including Democratic presidents) is now seriously crashing. It has not been a "free market." It has been a poorly managed market by Alan Greenspan and other libertarians. If you don't believe in government you are not going to do a good job governing, as the George W. Bush years demonstrate again and again, including the Katrina disaster. The market has been managed all right, but it has been managed for the interests of wealthy corporate few and against the real needs of common people living in real communities. That's why there are so many social problems today, that's why so many people need to take so many drugs to make themselves feel a little better, that's why families of all types have such trouble prospering and staying together.

The free market has become a kind of religious belief used to justify an economic system that has become illegitimate. It is an important but limited concept and need not be thrown away entirely. There are real economic limits and conditions to take into account. Government cannot manage everything down to every detail. That is ridiculous. Totally centralized planning is impossible and not necessary. But a well-managed capitalism is possible. It is done all over the world, in the Nordic countries, in Europe, in the growing economies in Asia. The United States is the only country left in the world with government-hating capitalists who want to control the global economy and who want to avoid any rules by which to conduct their business. Nobody likes rules, but without wise law created by careful government, the economy will not be beneficial to all in a free society.

    Online Resources

  • International Institute of Social History. This is a very substantial site located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations. Established in 1935, the IISH is one of the world's leading research institutes on social history. The papers of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels can be viewed free of charge and in their entirety at this website.

  • Interfaith Worker Justice. Organizes groups around the country and has lots of material on justice for working people. They have put together a document on Lutheran Resources for Worker Justice.

  • Campaign for America’s Future is the strategy center for the progressive movement. Our goal is to forge the enduring progressive majority needed to realize the America of shared prosperity and equal opportunity that our country was meant to be. To attain our ultimate goal, we spearhead a compelling progressive agenda that addresses the kitchen-table issues working families face. We regularly convene and educate progressive thinkers, organizers and community activists so our voices will be coordinated, cogent and potent. And we incubate national campaigns on the critical issues that will define America for generations to come.

  • Jobs with Justice. One of the best groups to affiliate with and support, local coalitions of labor, churches, and community groups around the country.

  • The American Review of Political Economy. Places a focus on Thorstein Veblen's institutional economics.

  • Living Wage Campaign. What you will find here is a brief history of the national living wage movement, background materials such as ordinance summaries and comparisons, drafting tips, research summaries, talking points, and links to other living wage-related sites.

  • National Jobs for All Coalition. See the long list of organizational and academic sponsors of this important group, good source of statistics on the real numbers of unemployed.

  • Post-Capitalist Project. The Post-Capitalist Project is a cooperative, nonsectarian venture of left journals, popular education centers, and electronic media. Our goal is to make easily available the wide range of new programs, experiments, and theories analyzing the transition beyond capitalism toward a socialist future, recognizing that “socialism” is a protean concept encompassing many different historical experiences and future possibilities.

  • Sufficient, Sustainable Livelihood For All. Social Statement on economic life of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

  • Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. A thirty-year-old international coalition of 275 faith-based institutional investors including denominations, religious communities, pension funds, healthcare corporations, foundations and dioceses.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility. Advocacy resources from the ELCA.

  • Working Life. Interesting site with a blog by Jonathan Tasini.

Religion is What Keeps the Poor from Murdering the Rich.
- Napolean Bonaparte (maybe)

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