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Public Theology: Trump is Not a Legitimate Candidate; Do Everything Possible to Stop Him
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Trump is Not a Legitimate Candidate; Do Everything Possible to Stop Him
Those who say Trump won 'fair and square' are wrong. He didn't win at all. He was given the nomination by the fawning corporate press who couldn't help themselves covering him to make money.

By Ed Knudson

(The political cartoon is by George Hall.)

I have heard Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, say a couple times now that Donald Trump won the primary election "fair and square." The same phrase has been used by others. But I disagree.

We live in a democracy. And there is more to a democracy than the idea that a majority vote wins. It makes a difference how that majority was created. And the primary argument against Trump is that he himself didn't really win. The corporate media gave him his majority.

Watching this unfold it has been hard to believe. Again and again, over and over, the television news shows simply cannot get enough of Trump. They put him on the news as much as they can. They let him say outlandish, untruthful things, and repeat his lies in headlines. Trump brings viewers and that means more dollars for the networks.

So Trump didn't "earn" the nomination. He was given it.

And he certainly didn't gain it fair and square. He lies over and over. He calls people names. He demeans the process. He threatens violence against those who oppose him. He treated his fellow Republican candidates with disrespect. Parents were so concerned what their children were seeing on television that they had to turn it off, Trump was such a bad example of adult behavior. This is not winning fair and square.

Trump is not a public servant, but the opposite. He is a dominating bully who thinks he can control everything. He is a manipulating businessman, not a politician. He does not know what he is doing. He did not put in his time learning the political system. He has never held any public office where he learned how to serve the public rather than manipulate it. He is play acting, he is playing himself as a media phenomena, not a real person. He is not real, only a persona. Trump is playing a social role, he is a character played by himself as an actor, he is not real. As such he is not a legitimate candidate for president and must be stopped by any means necessary.

Trump is a media creation through the same process by which mobs are formed; great, unthinking, hostile, angy mobs out for revenge. It is government by mobocracy.

The media, owned by "private" corporations, has created Trump for its own profit against the interests of citizens of the United States. These corporations are now literally destroying the country in promoting a failed businessman with no political experience.

In a democracy, citizens need to be able to have a basic sense of trust that a candidate will do what they say. But Trump will not even do this. He says one thing one day and a different thing the next day. His policy proposals are not in the least consistent. Citizens cannot count on what Trump says. That is another reason he is an illegitimate candidate. He did not win fair and square.

Despite this evangelical conservatives are supporting him. He has even gained the endorsement of a conservative Catholic editor of First Things, R.R.Reno. Reno couldn't actually say he "endorsed" Trump so he explains why he is anti-anti-Trump.

I think all over the country there should be protests and demonstrations against Trump. Everything possible should be done to keep this man from getting anywhere close to the White House. Do what those students did at the Chicago Circle campus of the University of Illinois who say they are going to bring their protest to the convention in Cleveland.

Sometimes majorities are terribly wrong, like in a lynch mob. Encourage the stop Trump movement.

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Date Added: 7/3/2016 Date Revised: 7/3/2016 7:22:44 PM

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