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Public Theology: San Bernardino Terrorist Attack is Directly Linked to Saudi Arabia
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San Bernardino Terrorist Attack is Directly Linked to Saudi Arabia
To understand Tashfeen Malik, and why a young woman would abandon her infant child, you must understand Saudi Arabia and the upbringing she had there, institutionalized Radical Islam.

By Lilly Martin

Editor's Note: The corporate press is again now beating the war drums trying to build up hysteria in the American people. Their purpose is, of course, to scream the "sky is falling" to get people to watch their advertising. Two young Muslims do what lots of Americans are doing, shooting up people in public places, and everyone goes nuts. And the press simply cannot stop itself from giving Donald Trump more and more free air time for his outrageous comments. It makes for great television. Then they wonder why he is ahead in the polls. He's the only candidate the press is talking about!! Now, think about why it is that the American people don't get the news revealed in this article. It might help them understand what is actually going on.

Tashfeen Malik, who killed 14 and injured 17 in USA recently, pledged allegiance to ISIS. The national security interests of America depends on fighting Radical Islam, which is the state sponsored religious ideology of Saudi Arabia. In order to eliminate ISIS, the power base and support must be targeted, and that is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Saudi Royal family.

In an October 14, 2014 interview of Saudi Royal Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, with Christane Amanpour of CNN, he stated:

"But you have a problem with Islamism, which is political Islam. And we need to neutralize that."

Political Islam is the term he used to describe Radical Islam, which is a political ideology, and not a religion.

Tashfeen Malik lived most of her life in Saudi Arabia. Her relatives in Pakistan had not had contact with Tashfeen or her father in decades. Tashfeeen and her father lived in Saudi Arabia, where she grew up surrounded by the Saudi State brand of Islamic ideology: Wahhabism. Her relatives in Pakistan explained that their own Islamic ideology was more moderate and of the Sufi type, which Saudi Arabia rejects. Details here.

Tashfeen was surrounded by a culture of extremism. She may have been influenced by the prominent Saudi Sheikh Mohamad_al-Arefe.

Quoted from the above article: "He is a professor at King Saud University, and Imam of the Mosque of the King Fahd academy of the Saudi Navy."

"As of May 15, 2015, Al-Arefe had over 16 million likes on Facebook and 11.9 million followers on Twitter, which places his account in the top 100 worldwide, and #1 for the Middle East."

During her young, formative years, and cut off from any contact with her moderate Pakistani relatives, Tashfeen was likely accepting of the Saudi extremist views which are the norm, not the exception there.

It would appear that Tashfeen had formulated a goal of Jihad. She was simply following the admonitions of Sheikh Mohamed al Arifi and others like him across Saudi Arabia. She likely developed a view of herself as being superior to all non-Muslims, and even Muslims who did not share her extremist views.

This article reports:
"In a public address delivered by Saudi cleric Muhammad Al-Arifi, which aired on Al-Nas TV on February 21, 2012, the Sheikh said: "There is no doubt that one's devotion to Jihad for the sake of Allah and one's will to shed blood, smash skulls, and chop off body parts for the sake of Allah and in defense of His religion constitute an honor for the believer."
He continues;
"If the Muslims implemented the words of Allah: "Fight the infidels near you, and let them find harshness in you," and other Koranic verses, like the Verse of the Sword, which deal with fighting the infidels and conquering their countries, stating that they should join Islam, pay the jizya poll tax, or be fought. . . Had the Muslims implemented this, we would not be in our current state of humiliation."
An article in Abna24 reports:: "According to many posted views and opinion, the controversial Saudi Sheikh was unwelcome because of his fanatical worldview and his frequent calls for jihad, holy war, especially against the Shia Muslims, and his support to the ISIL and al-Qaeda."

Tashfeen sacrificed her own baby, her only child, as collateral damage of the Wahhabi ideology. Her baby however, was not killed, only orphaned. She participated willingly in the murder of 14 people, who she killed without reason. Her cause was the Saudi cause: Radical Islam as a lifestyle.

In order to understand Tashfeen Malik, and the reasons that a young woman would abandon her infant child, you must understand Saudi Arabia and the upbringing she had there, which is institutionalized Radical Islam. The King of Saudi Arabia is directly responsible for the radicalization of Tashfeen Malik. Saudi Arabia has a King, and is the only absolute monarchy on earth. There are no elections, no Parliament, and no interaction between citizen, resident and the King.

A Reuters article reports: "The estranged relatives of Tashfeen Malik, a Pakistani woman accused of shooting dead 14 people in California, say she and her father seem to have abandoned the family's moderate Islam and became more radicalised during years they spent in Saudi Arabia."

Tashfeen Malik grew up in the same place as Osama bin Laden. Saudi Arabia has produced and exported dozens of terrorists to America and many other countries.

The American people may be addicted to the Saudi Arabian gasoline. Addictions are hard to break.. One of the traits of an addict is selfishness. The addict is more concerned about his addiction than his own family, or community. Some experts believe that the American government is not willing to confront Saudi Arabia, and this allows the terrorism to continue, even though Americans are suffering directly. It may be said that the American government is partly responsible for the Saudi grown terrorism, because of their choice to not complain about American deaths at the hands of terrorists, who had their basis in Saudi Arabia. The American people will never forget 9/11, but have turned a blind eye to the source of the terrorists and their funding: Saudi Arabia.

An article from TheWeek reports, "In effect, (Bob) Graham says, ISIS represents a form of Wahhabi ideology that the Saudis can't control -- a cancer that now threatens the kingdom."

"Who serves as fuel for ISIS? Our own youth," said Saudi dissident writer Turki Al-Hamad this year. "In order to stop ISIS, you must first dry up this ideology at the source."

Terrorism experts around the world are calling for the American government to immediately confront the King of Saudi Arabia and demand that he and his family stop funding Radical Islam, and to stop promoting and advocating Radical Islam. If the King of Saudi Arabia is not able to reform his country, then in the national interest of the United States, the US should make moves to ensure that Radical Islam and the Wahhabi ideology are not the "State Approved" ideology taught, promoted and exported from Saudi Arabia. The security of the world and of USA in particular, depends upon a change in Riyadh.

Donald Trump, an American Presidential candidate, recently has come under attack for his proposal that no Muslims be allowed into the United States, because of a possible security threat. However, some experts in the field of Radical Islam and terrorism have said the proposal might be more specific by preventing all Saudi Arabians, and those coming into the US from Saudi Arabia. In this way, you are not targeting a religion, but in fact targeting the source of Radical Islam, which is a country: Saudi Arabia.

Lilly Martinis an American living permanently in Syria, a human rights activist, and medical professional. I write on events in Syria since March 2011 which I have witnessed myself. This article appeared at OpEdNews.

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Date Added: 12/10/2015 Date Revised: 12/10/2015 2:22:43 PM

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