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Public Theology: Anti-Communist Hysteria Lies Behind Ben Carson Presidential Bid
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Anti-Communist Hysteria Lies Behind Ben Carson Presidential Bid
Carson has embraced the dark, paranoid, and crazy worldview of far-right pseudohistorian, Cleon Skousen, a John Birch Society advocate, loved by Glenn Beck. It is Billy Graham anti-communism gone wild

By David Corn

Editor's Note: Without an active sense of history it is impossible to adequately interpret or understand contemporary politics. I grew up during the Cold War when the public media was completely dominated by fear and attacks on Communism. This is the time when Billy Graham began preaching in Southern California to people who had left Southern states to work in the defense industries of California, people building the bombs to drop on the Soviet Union. Graham's sermons warned that if the country didn't turn to Christ the Communists would drop nuclear bombs on New York and Los Angeles. Graham got his start preaching fear and encouraging hysterical anti-communism.

Having watched the formation of the "religious right" over these years it all stems from this rabid anti-communism. That is, the Christian gospel of God's love for the world is not the message that has built the religious right, it is hatred and hostility, hatred and fears of Communism, and after the Soviet Union broke up in 1991 the terrible enemies became liberals and homosexuals and now it is Muslims and socialists. The religious right can no longer be called "Christian", it has become an Americanized, commercialized, politicized religion used and exploited to further the interests of the powerful who already control the wealth of the country.

It is important to realize how extreme the right wing has become in this country. Now, to them, nearly everything the government does is "socialism" even things like the post office. The John Birch Society claimed that even Dwight Eisenhower was a Communist because he support Social Security. It is easy for the libertarian talk show hosts to holler and scream against government because they don't have to think about things seriously, they just attack everything government does. If these folks actually won all elections, taking over the House and the Senate and the Presidency, and implemented their ideas, then people would finally find out how radical they are, but they would create terrible chaos and suffering for the vast majority of the people in the country.

Ben Carson is a very gifted surgeon who is using his celebrity for purposes he himself cannot really understand. He is way out of his league, but it helps us understand why careful interpretation of history is so very, very important in our times. Good public policy will not come about because of paranoid, hysterical anti-communism. The Cold War is over, after all.

David Corn, the author of the article below, should be thanked for bringing all this to our attention. He wrote this on September 29, 2015. Below the article I have added notes on the Skousen book at Amazon, including a promotion by Ronald Reagan.

Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon and political novice near the top of the GOP presidential polls, does not spend much time and energy promoting specific policy stances. He has soared to a statistical tie with Donald Trump by emphasizing his outsider status and calling to revive America, deploying general right-wing rhetoric that resonates with social conservatives. At the recent Republican debate, he said [1], "The thing that is probably most important is having a brain."

But he has provided one important clue as to his fundamental political worldview, by repeatedly endorsing a far-right conspiracy theorist named W. Cleon Skousen [2], who was characterized [3] in 2007 by the conservative National Review as an "all-around nutjob." Skousen came to prominence in the 1950s as a virulent anti-Communist crusader; he later claimed that a global cabal of bankers controlled the world from behind the scenes, and he once wrote a book that referred to the "blessings of slavery."

Carson swears by Skousen, who died in 2006. In a July 2014 interview [4], Carson contended that Marxist forces had been using liberals and the mainstream media to undermine the United States. His source: Skousen. "There is a book called The Naked Communist," he said.
"It was written in 1958. Cleon Skousen lays out the whole agenda, including the importance of getting people into important positions in the mainstream media so they can help drive the agenda. Well, that's what's going on now."
Four months later, while being interviewed [5] by Megyn Kelly on Fox News, Carson denounced unnamed Marxists who were presently seeking to destroy American society:
"There was a guy who was a former CIA agent by the name of Cleon Skousen who wrote a book in 1958 called The Naked Communist, and it laid out the whole agenda. You would think by reading it that it was written last year—showing what they're trying to do to American families, what they're trying to do to our Judeo-Christian faith, what they're doing to morality."
(Skousen had been an FBI employee—not a CIA officer—and mainly engaged in administrative and clerical duties [6]; later he was a professor at Brigham Young University and police chief of Salt Lake City.) And the most recent edition of this Skousen book boasts Carson's endorsement on the front cover: "The Naked Communist lays out the whole progressive plan. It is unbelievable how fast it has been achieved."

Skousen's book was a hyperbolic, far-from-sophisticated Cold War denouncement of communism and the Soviet Union. Marx, Skousen claimed, had set out "to create a race of human beings conditioned to think like criminals." And in McCarthyesque fashion, Skousen contended that "agents of communism" had "penetrated every echelon of American society—including some of the highest offices of the United States Government." He insisted that many "loyal Americans" had been duped by Communists into doing the Reds' dirty work because "they are not aware that these objectives are designed to destroy us." Thus, these fellow travelers and naive citizens were part of a "campaign to soften America for the final takeover."

Skousen listed dozens of the goals of the commies and their useful idiots, including pushing free trade, promoting coexistence with the Soviet bloc, capturing "one or both of the political parties in the United States," winning control of schools ("use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda"), and infiltrating the press ("get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, and policy making positions"). He said they wanted to control "key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures," weaken American culture by degrading artistic expression (and substituting "good sculpture from parks and building" with "shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms"), and present homosexuality as "normal, natural, and healthy." What's more, he claimed, they wanted to discredit the Bible, eliminate prayer in schools, demean the American Founding Fathers as "selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the 'common man,'" and support "any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture—education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc." He said they also wanted to encourage divorce and promiscuity, incite "special-interest groups" to "rise up…to solve economic, political or social problems," and seize control of unions and big business.

The most recent edition of Cleon Skousen's book boasts Carson's endorsement on the front cover: "The Naked Communist lays out the whole progressive plan. It is unbelievable how fast it has been achieved."

Skousen, who had been active in the John Birch Society, worried that communists were taking over local PTAs. "Communist influences," he wrote, "are gnawing away everywhere and thousands of confused citizens often aid and abet them by operating in a vacuum of their own ignorance." In The Naked Communist, he revealed that the Communists even had a date for ultimate victory: "Total conquest is to be completed by around 1973." Five decades after the book was released, the National Review huffed that The Naked Communist was "so irrational in its paranoia that it would have made Whittaker Chambers [7] blush. According to Skousen, The Manchurian Candidate was a documentary—he earnestly believed Communists sought to create 'a regimented breed of Pavlovian men whose minds could be triggered into immediate action by signals from their masters.'"

Carson's repeated and full-throated endorsements of Skousen—which tend to be coupled with dire warnings about the covert scheming of Marxists and Saul Alinsky—suggest that Carson shares Skousen's belief that the civil rights movement, acceptance of homosexuality, the rise of abstract art and modernism, and the advent of Medicare, Social Security, and other safety-net programs have all been part of a clandestine plot waged by Communists or other dark forces to destroy the United States. As Carson points out, this nefarious plotting is still in the works today.

Carson's faith in Skousen is even more unsettling because Skousen was far more than a rabid anti-commie crusader and Red-baiter. He was a complete crank [8]. He maintained that the Founding Fathers were direct descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel and contended that a global cabal of bankers controlled the world.

In a 1962 book, Skousen decried homosexuality and insisted, "Every boy should know that masturbation may be the first step to homosexuality." In his 1970 book, The Naked Capitalist, Skousen disclosed another worldwide conspiracy and maintained that a sinister "secret society of the London-Wall Street axis"—which included the Council on Foreign Relations—controlled the planet and orchestrated global events, financing revolutions and collaborating with "dictatorial forces" to preserve its power. As Salon noted [6] in 2009, in this work, "Skousen claimed the Anglo-American banking establishment had a long history of such activity going back to the Bolshevik Revolution. He substantiated this claim by citing the work of a former Czarist army officer named Arsene de Goulevitch. Among Goulevitch's own sources is Boris Brasol, a pro-Nazi Russian émigré who provided Henry Ford with the first English translation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

Though Skousen was a pioneer in denouncing the New World Order and the globalist bankers who pulled all the strings, he still had his eyes on the Marxists. The same year that he birthed The Naked Capitalist, he claimed that criticism of the Mormon church for banning African Americans from its priesthood was a communist conspiracy against the church. In The Five Thousand Year Leap, a supposed history influenced by Mormon theology and published in 1981, Skousen asserted that the Constitution is rooted in the Bible. (Glenn Beck, a big Skousen fan [2], wrote the introduction to a new edition of this book in 2009.) Skousen's 1985 book, The Making of America, came close to idealizing slavery, quoting a 1934 essay: "If the pickaninnies ran naked it was generally from choice, and when the white boys had to put on shoes and go away to school they were likely to envy the freedom of their colored playmates."

In 1979, the Mormon church issued [6] a directive distancing itself from a conservative organization started by Skousen.

In recent years, Beck has been Skousen's No. 1 booster [6], and during a 2007 radio interview Mitt Romney praised [3] Skousen, who had been his professor at BYU. Carson, though, might now hold the mantle as Skousen's top champion. Yet as the National Review pointed out [3] regarding Romney, "Skousen is not an association a presidential candidate should loudly trumpet."

Carson's enthusiastic embrace of this kook, who has peddled outlandish conspiracy theories and alternative histories with taints of racism and anti-Semitism, says as much about the GOP candidate as his policy positions and his anecdotes about his inspiring life story that brought him from poverty to the pinnacle of the medical profession. In recent days, Carson, a devout Seventh-day Adventist, has taken heat for his belief [9] that Satan is behind the Big Bang theory and the promotion of evolution. His support of Skousen deserves as much attention. Skousen's world was dark, paranoid, and nutty. How is it that Carson found a home here?











This article appeared at Mother Jones.


Here are notes from the Amazon page for The Naked Communist:

Editorial Reviews

No one is better qualified to discuss the threat to this nation from communism. You will be alarmed, you will be informed and you'll be glad you heard him (W. Cleon Skousen). -- President Ronald Reagan, United States President

"I went back and I read 'The Naked Communist' and at the end of that Skousen predicted someday soon you won't be able to find the truth in schools or in libraries or anywhere else because it won't be in print anymore. So you must collect those books. It's an idea I read from Cleon Skousen from his book in the 1950s, 'The Naked Communist,' and where he talked about someday the history of this country's going to be lost because it's going to be hijacked by intellectuals and communists and everything else. And I think we're there." --Glenn Beck, Host of the "Glenn Beck Show"

"I feel certain that your efforts on this important subject (communism) will receive widespread attention and consideration." --J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

"The Naked Communist lays out the whole progressive plan. It is UNBELIEVABLE how fast it has been achievable." --Dr. Ben Carson, The Sean Hannity Show, May 23, 2014

We believe in a moral code. Communism denies innate right or wrong. As W. Cleon Skousen has said in his timely book, The Naked Communist: The communist 'has convinced himself that nothing is evil which answers the call of expediency.' This is a most damnable doctrine. People who truly accept such a philosophy have neither conscience nor honor. Force, trickery, lies, broken promises are wholly justified." -- Ezra Taft Benson, United States Secretary of Agriculture under President Dwight D. Eisenhower

About the Author

W. Cleon Skousen is best remembered as a popular author, speaker and teacher who lectured in every state and province in North America, and in more than 60 countries world-wide. He was a student of history and a scholar of law, specializing in the principles of Freedom, the U.S. Constitution, economics, and ancient history and scriptures.

He was invited to write a new constitution for Canada and the proposed United States of Latin America, and he published a model constitution that could be adopted by nations everywhere. He served in the FBI for 16 years, four years as Chief of Police in Salt Lake City, and ten years as a university professor. He was a prolific writer and produced three national best sellers, The Naked Communist, The Naked Capitalist, and The Five Thousand Year Leap. Eight of his books were used as college texts, and several were translated and published in other countries.

Dr. Skousen was born in Canada, and returned to the U.S. with his family at age ten. He spent two years in Mexico, two years in England, graduated from San Bernardino College in California, and received his juris doctor degree from George Washington University Law School. He was admitted to practice law in the District of Columbia and before the District Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court.

His seminars on the Constitution have been taught to several million across the U.S., and among his students were dozens of U.S. Senators and Representatives, two Supreme Court justices, and several candidates for President. He believed knowledge and understanding were key to maintaining a free country, and spent his entire adult life opening up complex issues for deeper understanding by students and audiences all around the world.

Mr. Skousen and his wife, Jewel Pitcher of San Bernardino, California, are the parents of eight children, 50 grandchildren, and more than 120 great-grandchildren.

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