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Public Theology: Tracking Trump: The Danger of Fascism in America
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Tracking Trump: The Danger of Fascism in America
Hitler used intense ethnic hatred and appealed to Germanic superiority through violence. Trump is using intense and explicit racism to emotionally manipulate voters. Image by George Hall.

By Ed Knudson

Introduction - 8/22/15

It may seem naive and simplistic to say, but it is still true despite all the technological advances of the media age, that people come to know who a politician is by how he or she talks. The politician "reveals" who he is by what comes out of his mouth. Donald Trump is explicitly using racially-based rhetoric in his campaign for president, and lots of people are responding to him. The press love him, he makes "good news" because of his outlandish comments. Journalists cannot keep themselves from talking about him, so that's what people are seeing on TV, so that's why he rises in the polls. The media likes to think it can pick the president. On this page we will track how his campaign goes forward in the next weeks and months..


In Alabama a person in the audience hollers "white power" indicating how Trump is attracting people who identify as white racists.

New York Times headline: Donald Trump Fails to Fill Alabama Stadium, but Fans’ Zeal Is Undiminished

8/24/2015 - Aggrieved Privilege

From The New Republic by Jeet Heer:
As The New York Times reported on the weekend, Trump's actual supporters come from a broad demographic swath of the Republican Party. "He leads among moderates and college-educated voters, despite a populist and anti-immigrant message thought to resonate most with conservatives and less-affluent voters," the Times noted. College-educated Republicans hardly constitute a populist constituency, so there is good reason to think Trump's putative populism deserves another label.

Rather than a populist, Trump is the voice of aggrieved privilege—of those who already are doing well but feel threatened by social change from below, whether in the form of Hispanic immigrants or uppity women (hence the loud applause he got at the first GOP debate when he derided “political correctness”). Far from being a defender of the little people against the elites, Trump plays to the anxiety of those who fear that

8/26/2015 - Dana Milbank
Attempting to out-conservative Trump is folly — even if the guy is a former liberal who nakedly reinvented himself for this campaign. Trump, if he is thinking about anything, is not thinking about preserving his electability should he somehow win the Republican nomination. He is taking the most conservative positions possible on a range of issues — and otherwise viable contenders are doing themselves damage by trying to match him.
Scott Walker falls flat on his face

9/3/2015 - Media favors Trump

John Sides puts numbers on the theory that Trump is leading in the polls because the media keep talking about him.

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