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Public Theology: Paul Ryan: A Young Man Who Lies for a Living
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Paul Ryan: A Young Man Who Lies for a Living
A story at Fox News details the lies of the Republican vice-presidential candidate during his convention speech.

By Ed Knudson

The cartoon is by George Hall.

Many people seemed impressed with the speech of 42 year old Paul Ryan at the Republican national convention last night. The delegates stood and cheered. But I wonder how many of those delegates realized the degree to which the speech was based on explicit lies. Most normal people have a hard time standing in front of an audience saying things he knows are not true, but I have noticed over the past couple years how much Ryan has developed that skill, demonstrating it last night.

For example, Ryan says over and over again that his budget plan deals with the deficit which he believes is the most important issue facing America, but if you read his budget he actually doesn't really deal with the deficit, he lowers taxes on the wealthy in order to vastly cut programs benefitting the poor and middle class. His whole budget is a big lie.

I noticed an acknowledgement of Paul Ryan the liar in a surprising source, an article at Fox News. The writer says "Ryanís speech was an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech." Here is a list of deceptions noted in the article:
Fact: While Ryan tried to pin the downgrade of the United Statesí credit rating on spending under President Obama, the credit rating was actually downgraded because Republicans threatened not to raise the debt ceiling.

Fact: While Ryan blamed President Obama for the shut down of a GM plant in Janesville, Wisconsin, the plant was actually closed under President George W. Bush. Ryan actually asked for federal spending to save the plant, while Romney has criticized the auto industry bailout that President Obama ultimately enacted to prevent other plants from closing.

Fact: Though Ryan insisted that President Obama wants to give all the credit for private sector success to government, that isn't what the president said. Period. Fact: Though Paul Ryan accused President Obama of taking $716 billion out of Medicare, the fact is that that amount was savings in Medicare reimbursement rates (which, incidentally, save Medicare recipients out-of-pocket costs, too) and Ryan himself embraced these savings in his budget plan
And then the writer even observes what Ryan did not say which reveals as much about him as what he did say:
Ryan didnít mention his extremist stance on banning all abortions with no exception for rape or incest, a stance that is out of touch with 75% of American voters. Ryan didnít mention his previous plan to hand over Social Security to Wall Street. Ryan didnít mention his numerous votes to raise spending and balloon the deficit when George W. Bush was president. Ryan didnít mention how his budget would eviscerate programs that help the poor and raise taxes on 95% of Americans in order to cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires even further and increase ó yes, increase óthe deficit.
Facts don't matter to some people. But if you elect these sort of Republicans, do not be surprised when you lose the public school down the street and the post office over on the corner. Do not be surpised if you can't pay all your medical bills with Medicare vouchers or if the fire truck doesn't come when your house is burning. The fact is government does some important stuff and if it is destroyed the lives of the people in this country are going to severely diminished.

Paul Ryan is not a serious person. He is a liar. And he has no idea what actually would happen if his proposals would actually become the policy of the country.

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Date Added: 8/30/2012 Date Revised: 8/30/2012 11:14:06 AM

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