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Public Theology: Republicans Against Worker Organizing
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Republicans Against Worker Organizing
Little by little Republicans on the National Labor Relations Board are making it hard for unions to organize workers.

Political scientist Theodore Lowi defined politics as that which determines "who gets what of what there is to get." The fact that Republicans help owners get substantially more rewards from business enterprise than workers is being displayed again by the current National Labor Relations Board, the agency established in 1935 to support and encourage favorable conditions for workers to be able to organize themselves in unions.

As reported in an article entitled Labor Board's Critics See a Bias Against Workers by Steven Greenhouse in the New York Times on January 2, 2005, Republicans on the board have been making decisions that one by one are ever weakening the ability of workers to organize. Greenhouse quotes labor expert James A. Gross, a professor at Cornell University who has written several books about the board. "These decisions come close to or even match the Reagan board in their intensity and vigor in promoting employer powers. They are pressing the outer limits of what could be a reasonable or legitimate interpretation of the balance between employer prerogatives and worker rights. In my mind, this is fundamentally inconsistent with the purpose of the National Labor Relations Act, which is to encourage the practice and procedures of collective bargaining."

The percentage of workers in unions has been declining substantially in the last decades. This is not because workers are not interested in labor organizing. It is because the rules are being changed to make it more and more difficult for labor to represent the interests of workers and consequently provide adequate livelihoods for worker families.

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