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Christmas Joy Based on Worker Suffering
Mattel makes toys in sweatshop conditions in China, Indonesia, and Mexico. Charlie Kernaghan wants to end sweatshops.

Children will again this Christmas gleefully open gifts and whoop with joy at the toys they receive. Parents and grandparents and other gift givers would have shopped for these toys and tried to find the lowest possible price. But few will stop to think about where the toys come from and why prices are low.

The facts are that the toys come from China and other places where wages are extremely low, where workers have no choices but to work for long hours day in and day out, making maybe 20 cents an hour. Christmas joy in this country is based on worker suffering in others.

For those of us who want to face the facts Abigail Goodman has written a story in the Los Angeles Times called Sweat, Fear and Resignation Amid All the Toys. The article features the Mattel company which is called "one of the best" which has established an independent system for monitoring and publicizing how factory workers are treated. But despite this system conditions are horrible for most of these workers as discovered in interviews by the newspaper.

More information about sweatshops can be found at:

The National Labor Committee. The director is Charlie Kernaghan who wants to end sweatshop labor altogether.

United Students Against Sweatshops

Global Exchange

A discussion on gift giving is presented at the Question the Truth website.

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Date Added: 11/26/2004 Date Revised: 12/14/2004 1:31:52 PM

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