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Public Theology: Retro vs. Metro: New Democratic Strategy for Electoral Success
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Retro vs. Metro: New Democratic Strategy for Electoral Success
The Great Divide, a book promoted by John Sperling and written by economists, provides a conceptual framework for emerging victory for Democratic politics.

A new book describes The Great Divide in the U.S. between the red "retro" states and the blue "metro" states in current political culture. The retro states are Republican welfare states; they receive much more in federal handouts than they pay in taxes. The metro states are the ones which make the money for the country, pay taxes, and even provide the money needed by the welfare states.

Southern states make up the bulk of the retro block, joined by the plains states up and down the center of the country. The South turned Republican when Democrats supported racial equality. So the basis of the Bush constituency is fundamentally racist.

Since the metro states contain 65% of the population, however, if Democrats use strategies to really organize these states, they will be able to win elections again. This book presents a very powerful argument. It can be downloaded free at the website.

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