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Public Theology: How Liberal Reporters Promote Conservative Public Consciousness
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How Liberal Reporters Promote Conservative Public Consciousness
Media professionals want to be fair to conservatives. We are ending up with Pravda, the Russian paper in the Cold War, says Ernest Partridge.

By Ed Knudson

Conservatives claim the media is liberal. They base the claim on the fact that most reporters have gone to college and report their own views as liberal. Let's accept that. Reporters tend to be liberal, one of the meanings of which is to be interested in facts. Conservatives don't care for facts as much as ideology, so a reporter that reports facts when they conflict with ideology is demonstrating a liberal bias. And conservatives accuse reporters of this not once, or twice, but over and over again and again and again until the public begins to believe it and so do the liberal reporters. So in current public consciousness it is accepted that to report the facts is to be liberal.

So the liberal reporters then try to be fair. When the liberal reporter is covering a conservative politician the reporter tries to be fair and report just what that politician said. But when the liberal reporter writes a story on the liberal politician the reporter also has to be fair, so not only does he or she report what the liberal politician has said but also what a conservative politician has said on the same topic. The end result is that the public receives the conservative message over and over again and the liberal message is always compromised.

The conservative reporter doesn't have these problems. The conservative reporter is not as concerned with either presenting facts or being fair. He or she justifies this by the belief that the media in general is liberal so the conservative side has to work harder to get the conservative message into public consciousness.

This is all especially true when reporters cover the White House. A liberal president has a very tough time getting liberal messages out to the public because liberal reporters are always trying to be fair by presenting the other side. But a conservative president can tell outlandish lies and the liberal press believes it has a duty to report them never-the-less without criticism, without checking to see if there is any truth to them because this could be viewed as liberal bias.

No wonder that the liberal message does not get presented to people in any compelling form. The public consciousness today is so slanted toward conservatism that liberal politicians no longer even try very hard to articulate liberal beliefs and principles. Those that do try to do so are labeled as the real radical liberals.

I believe these factors help explain a recent specific incident which constitutes an actual, very public, federal crime that has gone unreported in the media concerning this current White House, discussed by Ernest Partridge in an article entitled Pravda. Partridge begins: "On Monday, August 2, a federal crime was committed in plain view of millions of Americans and millions more abroad. A Pakistani intelligence mole, crucial in the “war” against al Qaeda, was outed by an individual in the Bush Administration." The incident has since been ignored by the primary media except for the fact that they did report the raising of the terror threat level from yellow to orange, which of course, created in the public consciousness more fear of terrorists just at the end of the Democratic convention.

Partridge is so concerned about this that he thinks the media are becoming like Pravda, the state-controlled newspaper of the Soviet Union, which, of course, only presented the views of the Communist administration.

What is so amazing to me is that it is a liberal media that is allowing itself to be controlled by a conservative administration. The situation has become so critical that it may not be possible for a liberal to be elected as president anymore. This would be an incredible breakdown of of the whole democratic experiment.

I encourage readers to watch for the dynamics I expained above and when you see them happening in a story send an email to the reporter.

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Date Added: 9/15/2004 Date Revised: 9/16/2004 12:13:04 AM

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