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Public Theology: Jesus Seminar Plans Lectures and Workshops
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Jesus Seminar Plans Lectures and Workshops
Robert W. Funk and Jarmo Tarkki lead events around the country on The Future of Faith.

The Westar Institute has announced a number of lectures and workshops around the country on the theme "The Future of Faith". This is the institute that sponsors the controversial "Jesus Seminar", a group of scholars that seeks to determine what Jesus said in the New Testament according to historical/critical standards. The events feature Robert W. Funk.

One of the workshops will be held October 89, 2004, in Beaverton, Oregon. Along with Funk will be Jarmo Tarkki, a pastor in Solvang, California. At this workshop the topics are as follows (other events have other topics). A lecture by Robert W. Funk is entitled "Christianity at the Crossroads" with this introduction: The Christ of traditional Christian creeds has become incredible. The mythical world of the creeds has eroded steadily under the impact of the sciences. But churches have largely ignored the sciences and divorced their biblical scholarship. As a consequence, they suffer from a growing sea of ignorance. Robert Funk suggests that literacy is an essential first step in a new, radical reformation.

Two workshops will be presented. The first is entitled "The Great Divide in the Churches:" Critical Biblical scholarship since its inception in the late seventeenth century has evoked many different feelings, effectively dividing people into those who support it (liberals) and those who are against it (conservatives). In this seminar we explore the reasons for this polarization, propose some new ways to look at the doctrines of faith traditions and answer this question: "What should a decent person think?"

The topic of the second workshop is "Rituals and Symbols for the Twenty-first Century:" If the Church is to survive, it must develop new rituals and symbols and construct a new vision of the Divine Domain consistent with the world as experienced on an everyday basis. The presenters explore ways in which knowledge of the historical Jesus can help in this endeavor and engage participants in a discussion about the future of the faith.

In the Fall of 2004 other gatherings are planned for Auburn, California, Cleveland, Ohio, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Edmonton, Alberta, Fairfax, Virginia, Hot Springs, Arkansas, Kansas City, Missouri, Los Olivos, California, Phoenix, Arizona, Schenectady, New York, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, and Wilmington, Delaware.

In Spring of 2005 locations are Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Billings, Montana, Dallas, Texas, Sarasota, Florida, Sahuarita, Arizona, and Washington, DC.

Check the link above to see if an event in your location has been confirmed and is definitely available.

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