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Public Theology: Liberals are Called to Organize
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Liberals are Called to Organize
Robert B. Reich in his recent book, 'Reason', calls on religious progressives to get involved in politics.

By Ed Knudson

In his most recent book, former Labor Secretary and economist Robert B. Reich issues an important call to religious progressives. In his book Reason: Why Liberals will Win the Battle for America in a section called the "The Ground Troops" the first group mentioned is the religious community:

"If liberal ideals are to prevail, or even come into reasonable balance with those of radical conservatives, thos who constitute America's religious left will need to become more active, more cohesive, and more directly engaged with politics. They have to understand that evangelical Christian fundamentalists are waging political war. The Christian right is intent on imposing its views on the rest of us about abortion, homosexuality, prayer in the public schools, creationism, and the inherent evil of Islam. They're energizing the Republican Party across the South, Midwest, and many western states. Now is the time for the religious left to join forces with liberals and Democrats, and speak and act with the moral urgency our times deserve." (p.202-203)

Reich's book is outstanding for an overview of political culture today. He offers very reasoned analysis of policies on both left and right on both domestic and foreign arenas.

Some of the book's contents are available in The American Prospect magazine under the title, The right-wing trifecta -- morality, prosperity, and patriotism -- and how to fight it. That article ends with these words:

"Liberals have reason on our side. But that's not enough. To win, we also need fire in our bellies. Passion is necessary to gather resources, build organizations, and energize participants. I believe that another era of liberalism is on its way. The most important thing for each of us to know is that we're not alone in all this. There are tens of millions just like us -- Americans who have had enough of the radical conservatives. Liberals will indeed win the battle for America because we are closer than radcons are to the true American ideals."

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