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Public Theology: Fascism in the Savage Nation
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Fascism in the Savage Nation
Talk show host Michael Savage preaches fascism to gain an audience and make his money. How much does he influence the political culture?

It is important these days to remember that Adolf Hitler was elected in Germany. He rose to power through a democratic process. We need to consider what political forces, what methods and ideology, made this possible.

The kind of talk that Michael Savage does for three hours a day on the radio can be associated directly with the kind of talk through which Hitler was elected. Savage calls liberals an "enemy within" who are destroying the country because of their advocacy of the rights of minorities and the rule of law. National loyalty is placed over basic notions of right and wrong, strength through naked violence is the basis of politics, not democracy or constitutional rights.

Michael Savage is just one of the many right wing talk show hosts who base their views on racism, hostility, and anger. I believe it is important for people of faith and their congregational leaders to explicitly speak against this sort of content and tone within public life today.



The Savage-Hitler image above is from Michael Savage Sucks.

Mercury News article by Mark de la Viņa, who writes: "Savage crossed a line recently, however. MSNBC fired him from his 5-month-old television cable show ``The Savage Nation'' on July 7 after he responded to a prank caller by calling him a ``sodomite'' and saying, ``you should only get AIDS and die.'' As a result, Savage's radio show, also called ``The Savage Nation,'' was suspended from stations in Boston and Los Angeles."

Financial Times article by Jonathan Reingold: "The US has no shortage of conservative radio presenters mourning the loss of American culture, the danger of immigrants and the decline of moral values. But Michael Savage stands out because he makes so little attempt to hide his bigoted views on blacks, Jews, Puerto Ricans or anybody else he doesn't like. He has described the Chinese as "little devils" who should be nuked by the US. He once said Chinese-Americans who refuse to sign loyalty oaths should be sent to internment camps."

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