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Public Theology: Who made the grade? Middle-Class 2003: How Congress Voted
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Who made the grade? Middle-Class 2003: How Congress Voted
The Drum Major Institute for Public Policy has published a major study on middle class values and congress.

The Drum Major Institute has published its research into which congress persons support middle class values in recent legislative votes. Go to the source. Their website introduces the study as follows:

Today’s middle-class families are deeply concerned about making ends meet, affording everyday essentials, saving for the future, obtaining affordable health insurance for their themselves and their families, and avoiding the bankruptcy that has become nearly epidemic--all in the face of rising unemployment and health care costs.

This dangerous trend requires increased awareness by citizens and increased political urgency by lawmakers. That’s why we’ve decided to issue Middle Class 2003: How Congress Voted, an unprecedented effort to evaluate Congressional votes through the lens of their impact on middle-class Americans.

Middle Class 2003: How Congress Voted issues each member of Congress, as well as the House and Senate as a whole, a letter grade based on their 2003 votes on selected pieces of legislation. Find out which members of congress made the grade in 2003.

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