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Public Theology: The Yurica Report - Tracking the Religious Right
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The Yurica Report - Tracking the Religious Right
Two older women organize a website to tell the real truth about politics today.

The Yurica Report is a website developed by a mother and daughter (66). They try to follow what's happening in politics and the influence of the religious right. And look at the attractive and extremely interesting art by Katherine Yurica!

Below are a couple paragraphs taken from their About Us page:

Today, there’s a foul wind in the air. America stinks of open hatred, arrogance, greed and a lust for power. There’s a smug complacency brought about, no doubt by a sense of personal comfort that deludes millions into thinking that because they belong to the “in” group—hellish results will be visited only upon another class of Americans. So they live without protest, watching the Republican party become the instrument of the religious right, letting freedoms be torn away from the cloth—the very fabric of our country, and they say nothing. They will endure any hardship so long as they do not have to take a stand against the violent and corrupt among us. Satisfied with the twists and turns this country has made in the last two years, the fiddlers fiddle, while America burns its resources, its dollars, its credibility, its young men and women, and the very heart of our Constitution.

With your help, we can and will change the winds blowing in this nation. Liberty and freedom belong to all Americans, not just to a selected elite. Rush Limbaugh and his ilk have spread poison all over America. It’s a worse poison than anthrax or nerve gas. Those poisons will only kill our bodies, but the poison of the right wing talk show hosts and the religious right can and does enslave the souls of a free people and destroys all that is good and pure and noble in this land.

Below is an image called "The Carrousel" with the label "Some Results of Corporate Decisions".

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