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Public Theology: The Civic Gospel of Evangelicalism
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The Civic Gospel of Evangelicalism
Six central beliefs of evangelical religious leaders reviewed by Martin Marty in Sightings column.

Martin Marty writes a regular weekly column providing his observations on religion and public life. In the column of December 15, 2003, entitled "Politics in the Pulpit" Marty summarizes six beliefs of evangelical religious leaders which are called their "civic gospel":

1) That the United States was founded as a Christian nation.

2) That free enterprise is the only economic system truly compatible with Christian beliefs.

3) That religious values are under attack in contemporary America

4) That government needs to act to protect the nation's religious heritage.

5) That there is only one Christian view on most political issues.

6) That it is hard for political liberals to be true Christians.

Marty says that "evangelicals are gathered, as a mass, in the administration's core constituency; they are 'overwhelmingly Republican' and 87 percent voted, and 87 percent of them voted for George Bush. Only 16 percent reported no political action that year."

Marty is summarizing from a study in the December 2003 Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion which focuses on Clergy as Political Activists.


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