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How the Faithful Voted: A Conversation with John C. Green and John DiIulio
A seminar held at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in late January featured two well-known commentators on American religion and public life.

A study of how various religious groups voted in the past three elections is availabe at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, along with a conversation with the study director, John Green of the Ray C. Bliss Institute for Applied Politics at the University of Akron.

Table 1, to the right, shows that 84% of the More Observant (once a week to worship services) White Evangelical Protestants voted for George W. Bush in the 2000 election.

Table 2 shows what percentage of each religious group voted for Bush or Gore. Of all the votes obtained by George Bush from those polled in this study 40% were provided by White Evangelical Protestants. This show why George Bush is so interested in furthering the agenda of the religious right.

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Date Added: 4/2/2003 Date Revised: 4/3/2003 12:28:08 AM

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