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Public Theology: Ex-general Jay Garner Slated to Run Iraq
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Ex-general Jay Garner Slated to Run Iraq
Garner's career is one of tight ties with both the US military and high-capital defense industry.

Ex-general Jay Garner is slated to head the postwar military occupation of Iraq. Garner's career is one of tight ties with both the US military and high-capital defense industry. He is apparently already in Kuwait.

Garner, who has a history of belittling Palestinian peace ambitions, is also connected with rightwing Zionists through the lobby Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, which has a web site at

FORTUNE Magazine's assessment of Garner: "Garner's civilian status is a big plus. After President Bush's heavy-handed walk-up to war, the last thing the U.S. needs is a modern-day General MacArthur rolling into Baghdad. And it will take someone with serious business know-how to "introduce a capitalist system where there's been central-control socialism since the 1960s," says Ariel Cohen, a foreign-policy expert at the Heritage Foundation. Garner has that too. He directed several major Defense Department programs, including Star Wars, a Rumsfeld favorite. After retiring as a three-star general in 1997, Garner became president of SY Technology, a Virginia provider of communications and targeting systems for missiles.",15114,433417,00.html

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