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Public Theology: Falwell Says It is Anti-American to Oppose War
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Falwell Says It is Anti-American to Oppose War
Leader of the religious right exposes his extremist views. If you question the Iraq war you are anti-American, he says. Falwell gets big money from wealthy Republican.

The article below was found on the website of Jerry Falwell, a key leader of the religious right, on March 25, 2002. It indicates the extremist nature of his views as he attacks "hollywood leftists" and Tom Daschle, the Democratic Senate Minority Leader. Any one who doesn't support the Iraq war is "anti-American", he says.

It is because of the religious right that we have George Bush in the White House. Without its support Republicans probably could not elect a president, or maintain their majorities in the House and Senate.

And Falwell gets his money from wealthy businessmen. On the same day as he attacks those against the war, his website speaks of a "miracle." For Falwell, miracles happen when he gets lots of money. Mr. David Green, owner of the Hobby Lobby chain of about 300 retail craft stores nationwide, gave Mr. Falwell $1.2 million for his educational complex. Green "is a Christian philanthropist and is committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide," according to the website. The money is really a political contribution for the benefit of the Republican Party.

Here is the article:


Wednesday night's surgical strike on Iraq was an opening broadside against Saddam Hussein, a foretaste of the all-out air and ground offensive to come.

Meanwhile, here at home, while many Americans pray for the troops and President Bush, anti-American voices continue to assail the president and his effort to bring peace and freedom to Iraq.

The recent verbal assault on President Bush by radical Hollywood mouthpieces, leftist college professors and liberal lawmakers is doing great damage to America.

While its trendy in these circles to mouth off against President Bush and traditional American values, one member of this community recently discovered that there can be a swift backlash when one chooses to take cruel potshots at President Bush.

When Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks told a London audience that she was ashamed that President Bush was from Texas, country music fans from coast to coast quickly vowed never again to purchase Dixie Chicks records or to listen to radio stations that play their songs. The Chicks went from top of the charts to bottom of the barrel in the minds of many music lovers.

While Ms. Maines has every right to voice her opinions (but notice she didn't make her spiteful comments here in the U.S.), she has learned that the American people will also embrace the right to voice their loathing of her words by abandoning their support of her band. (Ms. Maines later attempted a pseudo apology for her words, but the damage had been permanently done.)

There is a handful of powerful Hollywood organizers in our nation who can be counted on to spew out anti-American, anti-Bush fervor. They include: Martin Sheen, the spelling-challenged Barbra Streisand, Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon and a few others. The majority of Hollywood follows blindly because they see it is fashionable.

Listen to what a few of them are saying.

Tom Robbins, author of "Jitterbug Perfume" and "Even Cowgirls Get The Blues," said: "Quite probably the worst thing about the inevitable and totally unjustifiable war with Iraq is that there's no chance the United States will lose."

At a recent concert, The Pretenders lead singer Chrissy Hynde said: "Have we gone to war yet? We [expletive] deserve to get bombed. Bring it on!" Later, she added, "I hope the Muslims win!"

Conservative columnist Laura Ingraham responded: "It's easy to write off much of what comes out of the mouths of Hollywood leftists. They repay the country that made their wealth and privilege possible by trashing her traditions and institutions. They side with countries that resent us, and trust dictators like Saddam or Fidel more than the American voters or the president they elected."

This sentiment is not limited to the entertainment industry, though.

Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle also recently launched a choreographed attack on President Bush's Iraq policy. But it backfired on him.

Consider this: During the Clinton Administration, Sen. Daschle lobbied for a congressional resolution to take "all necessary measures" to respond to the Iraqi threat. "We have exhausted, virtually, our diplomatic effort to get the Iraqis to comply with their own agreements and with international law," Mr. Daschle said. "Given that, what other option is there but to force them to do so?"

However, now that President Bush works in the Oval Office, Mr. Daschle's values have peculiarly changed. He recently accused President Bush of "fail(ing) so miserably at diplomacy that we're now forced to war." He actually suggested that Mr. Bush should be blamed for any deaths of U.S. soldiers, asserting that he's "saddened that we have to give up one life because this president couldn't create the kind of diplomatic effort that was so critical for our country."

It is apparent that hatred of President Bush is behind Mr. Daschle's political gamesmanship. I believe Americans are tired of these perilous political games, especially when they come at a critical point in our nation's history.

"The bottom line," said Gary Bauer, "is that Sen. Daschle prefers the foreign policy of France, which seeks to tie America in knots, versus the foreign policy of America, which seeks to eliminate a brutal dictator."

Shame on Tom Daschle for playing crude political games while American men and women are laying their lives on the line in Iraq to advance the cause of freedom. And shame on Hollywood liberals, militant academics and other so-called peace lovers who have taken to the streets to oppose war in Iraq, while not long ago they were sitting on their hands while Bill Clinton was launching military actions - without U.N. approval.

The dishonesty of these people is astounding.

Those Americans (especially South Dakotans) who would like to respectfully express their disappointment in Sen. Daschle may call his office (202-224-2321) or send him an E-mail by utilizing the Campaign for Working Family's Congressional Directory:

It's time that lovers of Judeo-Christian values stand up and be heard.

-------- End of Falwell article.

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Date Added: 3/25/2003 Date Revised: 3/25/2003 12:07:10 PM

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