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Public Theology: Liberation or Oppression
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Liberation or Oppression
An Iraqi man carries a child badly wounded in the onslaught on Basra on Saturday. Will the U.S. be viewed as a liberator by the Iraqi people?

In the photo on the right an Iraqi man carries a child badly wounded in the onslaught on Basra on Saturday, March 22, 2003. In spite of the fact that the America military is trying to minimize civilian casualities, civilians are going to suffer and die in this war. We can just hope that there are not too many.

The neo-conservative thinkers who have pushed George Bush into this war claim that the United States will be viewed as a liberator by the Iraqi people. This has been seen as a sign of whether or not this is a legitimate war. Given the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein it is hard to not believe that this may well be true. The war is now some six days old but it appears so far that the people are not viewing the U.S. as a liberator. Iraqi soldiers have dressed up as civilians and then attacked U.S. soldiers making the latter much more wary.

As the war unfolds this is something to watch. Will the United States be a liberator or oppressor?

Photo source: The Mirror, Britain's brightest tabloid newspaper

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