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Public Theology: Pastors Not Taking a Position on War
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Pastors Not Taking a Position on War
Survey by Pew Research Center shows religious faith does not define war opinions.

According to a survey by the Pew Research Center for People and the Press most pastors are not taking a position on the war and whether or not they do is not important for church members in defining their own opinion. It's a rather sad story, especially since we know that one segment of religious faith, the religious right, is indeed making a big difference in the political process in this country. Their influence does not show up in national polls like this. In general, the church seems irrelevant to one of the most important issues to come along for some time.

"Nearly six-in-ten (57%) of those who regularly attend religious services say their clergy has spoken about the prospect of war with Iraq. But just a fifth (21%) say their priest or minister has taken a position on the issue. When churchgoers do hear a point of view, it mostly comports with the national stance of their religious faith: white Catholics and African-Americans are hearing anti-war messages, while white evangelical Protestants are getting a pro-war point of view."

I hope that this journal can make a contribution to a responsible public theology for the church in the world today and that that can be done in a way that is compelling for pastors and laypeople. Let us know what you think about this.

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