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Public Theology: Cheerleaders for War
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Cheerleaders for War
Fox News has lost any claim for fair and balanced news; it is a cheerleader for war.

The Fox News Network has lost any possible claim to be what it says it is, providing "fair and balanced news." The Rupert Murdock owned television network is simply a cheerleader for war, and anyone working for this network has given up the claim to be a legitimate reporter.

I have been watching this cable network to see how well it presents various perspectives. It hires people who it says present the "liberal" side of things, but these folks have a very difficult time getting there opinions presented fairly. I would suggest that anyone with a liberal self-understanding refuse to participate in any Fox News show. Then at least Fox News could not claim any balance to their broadcasts.

Many people, of course, view the war as a kind of big athletic event, and identify with one team or the other, and shout and cheer and hate the other team. For these folks it is group association that defines how they think about things. So we get cheerleaders on both sides. If you want to see what the Defense Department is providing for people who support the Iraq war then go to the Defend America website.

But a free press in this country means that there should be some semblance of recognition of many different voices in relation to any major public issue requiring thought, reflection, and an effort to speak the facts of a situation. Fox News can be a cheerleader, it can express the views of the extreme right in this country, but in doing so it is certainly not in any way fair and balanced.

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