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Public Theology: Leadership Development for Public Life: The Art of Public Voice with Power
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Leadership Development for Public Life: The Art of Public Voice with Power
Course on February 10-14, 2003, at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Mn.

The Kairos program at Luther Seminary is sponsoring a course Leadership Development for Public Life on February 10-13, 2003, in St. Paul, Minnesota. The following information is reprinted from that website.


The call to public leadership in the church involves understanding the tension that exists between living in the world as it is with a vision of the world as it should be. Developing the leadership capacities to lead in that dynamic tension is consistent with the biblical tradition and with the mission of the church in and for God’s whole creation.

This interactive course will engage participants in fundamental leadership and organizing arts necessary for missional witness as congregation and the doing of justice as well as a biblical and theological framework for such engagement.

We will discuss:
  • The world as it is and the world as it should be
  • Definitions and understanding of power; relational power
  • Where the self is developed; self-interest
  • Biblical and theological foundations for doing public witness and justice
  • Public and private relationships
  • The necessity and art of one-to-one relational meetings
  • Organizing for action
  • Developing a culture of public conversation, evaluation and accountability
  • The rostered person as public leader
You will be:
  • Challenged to think about the church’s call to public ministry and the role of the rostered person and lay leader in leading the community of faith in such witness and ministry
  • Presented with some insights in deepening your understanding of the nature of public ministry
  • Provided with some tools to use in leading, teaching and shaping a ministry of public presence and action
  • Engage in cultivating and deepening the art of public relationship, with the hope of belonging to, not just existing in, an organized community with capacity to act in relation to values and vision

The format will be presentation/reaction/reflection, with plenary and small group experiences, as well as outside reading and reflection/feedback. There will also be action/reflection on the style of the course format as it is experienced.

Seminar Leader: Terry Boggs, D. Min., director, Leadership Development for Public Life in the ELCA. A graduate of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, he served as pastor of St. John’s Lutheran, Salina, Kansas, and St. Matthew’s Lutheran, Fort Worth, Texas. He has been a leader in congregation-based organizing for 24 years in Texas through the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), and focuses ministry in congregational development, public leadership, and organizing for mission with justice. He has authored several articles for national journals

Graduate Credit Advisor: Peter Sethre

Tuition: $180

Contact Hours: 20

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Date Added: 7/15/2002 Date Revised: 7/15/2002

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Public Theology
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