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Public Theology: The Moment has Come To Organize
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The Moment has Come To Organize
Large numbers of people are now seriously questioning corporate and political leaders.

(This article is being written at this time.)

Cracking of Social Worlds

Very large numbers of people are experiencing deep threats to their sense of security and stability; what's been inside their minds is not corresponding to the powers/forces within which they have to live leading not only to insecurity but to a sense of confusion, bewilderment, and panic.

Practical Politics

We must function within the actual realities of practical political involvement. Grand dogma and ideological abstraction should not be allowed to separate people from one another in their practical engagements.

Local Community - The Place of Real Life

The place of real life has been fragmented by verticle institutional power, both corporate and governmental.

Recalling a Helpful Tradition: Social Democracy

The Always Possible Future

The past should never be absolutized. Future possibility connects people for practical engagement together.

Love, Truth and Justice

Criteria for personal and political relationships.

Yes, love - empathy for the other - must be a part of politics for quite practical reasons.

Truth is finally not that which is determined through mathematical certainty but the result of intersubjective communication among those who have a stake in the results of political processes.

The justice calculation is prior to, more fundamental than, and the criterion for judgment of the profit calculation (wealth maximization).

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Date Added: 7/11/2002 Date Revised: 7/11/2002

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