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Public Theology: The Eagle Has Crash Landed
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The Eagle Has Crash Landed
Provocative thoughts from Immanuel Wallerstein in Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy magazine has published one of the most important and provocative arguments I have seen for a very long time. It's a cover article by Yale University professor Immanuel Wallerstein called The Eagle Has Crash Landed.

He argues that the United States as a global power has been fading for the last three decades. The only question is whether "U.S. conservatives [will] resist and thereby transform a gradual decline into a rapid and dangerous fall."

Sadly, in a C-Span2 television call-in show Republicans called him an idiot who hates America and Democrats praised him. But his argument is one worth reading and discussing seriously in settings where people are able to talk and listen carefully to one another. And this is important because George Bush is, indeed, intent on starting a war with Iraq.

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Date Added: 7/3/2002 Date Revised: 7/3/2002

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