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Public Theology: Reclaiming the Human
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Reclaiming the Human
9/11 brought some unlikely people together.

A friend of mine, Dave, and his wife were driving east from Portland, Oregon, up the freeway through the Columbia Gorge a few days after the terrorist attack. They stopped for gas. As Dave was standing outside his car next to the attendant they saw a car go by on the road with a poster of an eagle taped to the car door; the eagle had a tear falling from its eye. The gas station attendant said "This is sure drawing us all together," opened up his arms and gave Dave a bear hug.

When Dave got back into the car he said to his wife, "I've just been hugged by a redneck!"

Now, Dave is a college professor with political views he assumes are not like those in the small town where he was getting his gas. He has his own stereotypes to be overcome. But the incident shows that something has happened since this terrorist attack. People are actually being human to one another again.

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Date Added: 9/30/2001 Date Revised: 9/30/2001

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