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Public Theology: The Power of Compassion
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The Power of Compassion
Photographs depicting human solidarity across international boundaries; economic calculation may not be as central in human relations as some believe.

Over the last decades the core beliefs of growing numbers of Americans have been dominated by economic theory and ideology. This theory claims that human beings are fundamentally rational calculators, that they always act based on a calculation of their own self interest. And as money exchanges replace more and more types of human interactions it seems as if this is true. Money is mathematics; it is a way to try to put a mathematical value on everything. But human relationships are fundamentally characterized by something else.

When you click on this link, International Caring, you will see a page of photos demonstrating the depth of compassion expressed by people in countries all over the earth about the terrorist attack of September 11th. Deep within the human heart there is a very powerful force; it is the capacity for care for others; it is the affiliation we feel for those who innocently suffer. Perhaps that is a reason that God chose to reveal God's self through what otherwise seems a strange image, a suffering figure on a cross.

One does not seek out suffering in order to be able to share the pain of others. However, suffering and pain is a great human connector which no mathematics can finally calculate.

Note: It may take some time for these photos to download to your computer depending on the speed of your connection.

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