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Public Theology: Drawing Back the Curtain from the United States
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Drawing Back the Curtain from the United States
JoAnn liked what Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson had to say.

JoAnn F. had seen the email I sent around on the Jerry Falwell comments on who was to blame for the September 11 attack. He had said that God is mad about abortion and gay rights and so has drawn back the curtain of protection over this country. The comments of JoAnn well reflect the public theology of the current religious right: ------------------

Maybe the time isn't right to say the things Falwell and Robertson said, but I believe they had the right to say what they did. My Sunday School class (middle age adults) began reading through the entire Bible about a year ago. It was a good reminder to me that God DOES require some things of people. There IS right and wrong. And He repeatedly had to end up whacking countries on the head when they got too far out of line. He'd warn them to straighten up, but they'd get worse and worse until He'd have to do something. * * * main point: These lunatics have had the ability to do this and much more for years. What has kept them from it? In their lunacy, they have no fear. The only acceptable answer for me is that God has protected us. Why has He protected us? 1 because our country was founded - and had tried to live up to it's Judeo=Christian values. 2 because we have supported Israel. ("I will bless those who bless you" type of thing.) Make no mistake. Israel is in the land that is theirs - was theirs- and always has been theirs. Just because some others come in and bully them around (there again allowed by God in judgment for their rebellion and disobedience) it doesn't mean the bully's can just keep it and take over. It's all in the Bible. And to REALLY simplify things here's a quote I heard years ago: If the Bible is true, It's all that matters - if the Bible isn't true, then nothing matters. I believe it's true.

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Date Added: 9/19/2001 Date Revised: 9/20/2001

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