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Occupy Theology: Obama has Broken the Hearts of the Young

An indication of the future of the church may have been presented at the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting in Chicago last November. A panel discussion took place on a new book, Occupy Religion: Theology of the Multitude by Kwok Pui Lan and Joerg Rieger. A video of the discussion is available featuring five panelists: Miguel De La Torre, Iliff School of Theology; Jung Mo Sung, Methodist University, Sao Paulo; Kevin Minister, Southern Methodist University; Rita Brock, Faith Voices for the Common Good; and Hannah Hofheinz, Harvard University. The two authors then responded to the panelists comments. Joerg Rieger teaches at Southern Methodist University and Kwok Pui Lan at the Episcopal Divinity School. Presiding over the discussion was Lane Van Ham, University of Arizona.

Just think about this: The bible is viewed as authoritative scripture by millions of people even today, Yet the bible is the account of the history of a small and obscure people named Israel in the middle east. It is not the history of great empires which is viewed as scripture, such as Egypt or Assyria or Babylonia, which dominated Israel. No, the scripture viewed as authoritative understanding of God is an account of a group of ex-slaves which tried to make a nation for themselves but were finally destroyed by the Roman Empire in 70 AD.

And the New Testament consists of four accounts of the life of an obscure peasant teacher from Galilee in Palestine crucified by the Romans, along with writings of some of his followers as they formed what is now the Christian church.

It is not the deeds of the most powerful which are considered the most important to remember. It is the experience and teachings of the least powerful actors in history which are lifted up in holy scripture.

If this is true, and if one wants to look around to see where that biblical God may be doing something today, it will not do to look at the rich and the powerful. One must look to the experience and thinking of the least powerful.

Now, such people are not in the news, they are generally ignored. But there was a brief outbreak of the least powerful people in society in what has become known as the Occupy movement, mostly young people, many fairly well educated but with big college loans, along with the homeless who gravitated to the tent cities established in cities across the nation. The movement made economic equality a central public issue talking about the super-wealthy one percent over against the rest of the people, the 99 percent.

It was a fairly brief moment. But it did raise up the issue of inequality in the public consciousness, the same issue as was raised in the history of Israel and among those first followers of Jesus. It was a rag-tag group of the young and the homeless but it is among just such people that the divine spirit of the one known in the scriptures is at work.

So I am looking forward to reading the Occupy Religion book. It may be a guide to the church of the future. The Occupy movement did not want to associate itself with either of the major political parties. It was a movement emerging from deep within civil society. It challenged the authority of leaders within both current corporate and governmental institutions, just like in the bible.

One of the panelists, Rita Brock, said something that struck me as especially important right now. She had been involved in the 2008 Obama election campaign and experienced the great hope young people were placing in Obama. I myself was involved in that campaign and also was impressed with how much young people hoped he would bring change to politics and governance. But from her involvement in Occupy Rita Brock said that Obama has "broken the hearts of young people." I think they put too much faith in one man. They did not realize how vicious the attacks on him would be, how irrational the Republican Party has become. They did not realize that the Democratic Party itself, its primary leaders and consultants and professional politicos, are not really ready to create a new political movement. They have been captured in mind and heart by the same corporate forces which dominate the economy and military.

Obama can only do so much. I mentioned this to a friend who then said something shocking, something I don't even want to have to think about. He said that if Obama actually tried to change the dominance of corporate power he would be killed. If you have a whole lot of money you want to keep it and you will do almost anything to do so. It is a sobering thought, one that is probably all too true.

So the young are broken-hearted. But the real church following Jesus is, indeed, on the side of the broken-hearted. Good news cannot come from the current political system. It is possible for the good news of the gospel to create some new space in the world for alternative political movements. Helping in that process is the task of any credible public theology today.

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