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Writings of Chris Hedges
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Article: Capitalism has created a decayed world where opportunity, which confers status, self-esteem and dignity, has dried up for most Americans. They are expressions of acute desperation and morbidity. Rise! - 9/4/2017 4:06:18 PM

Article: The more Trump is isolated and attacked the more he is supported by the so-called religious right. Read this for the truth about current religion in politics today and its dangers. - 8/16/2017 4:20:12 PM

Article: 'I made up my mind that I was not one bit better than' other people. Here is hope for real politics, not phony politicians, hope for regular folks rather than just the rich elite. Read this now! - 7/18/2017 9:27:00 PM

Article: Trump is creating a police state aimed at black and brown people because racists elected him. This fact must be faced squarely in order to know the realistic stakes of politics these days. Not normal. - 3/3/2017 2:38:25 PM

Article: Trump was possible because democratic institutions have already failed us, been eviscerated by corporate power. This time, people, we must do it ourselves. - 2/13/2017 5:14:19 PM

Article: The Christian rightís magical thinking will merge seamlessly with Trumpís magical thinking. Idiocy, self-delusion, megalomania, fantasy and government repression will come wrapped in Christian images. - 1/30/2017 3:54:54 PM

Article: The campaign for corporate dominance of society, laid out by Lewis Powell in 1971, is now complete. Trump embodies the moral rot of unfettered capitalism. - 1/23/2017 3:51:01 PM

Article: Big losses by banks and investors due to Brexit will bring them to demand another bailout like 2008. That could lead to a Trump victory. Big political decisions ahead says Michael Hudson. - 6/25/2016 7:04:49 AM

Article: Only about 36 million are now members of mainline Protestant churches. Right wing religion and business has been trying to kill these churches. Mostly, they seem to be killing themselves. - 2/1/2016 6:38:24 PM

Article: Anti-Muslim rhetoric of demogagues like Trump and Cruz is being promoted leading to a protofascist nightmare. A Kierkegaardian critique of the media here, with helpful analysis by Hamza Yusuf. - 12/21/2015 4:09:47 PM

Article: The new leader of Britain's Labour Party represents the kind of substantive policy direction needed in the U.S., against militarism and for economic justice, support for the arts, public institutions. - 9/14/2015 7:20:56 PM

Article: Neither political party now represents the people. Both are the means used by wealthy elite to control the people. - 5/11/2015 3:22:46 PM

Article: Older black leaders have clearly failed black America. Just look at conditions of black communities in American cities. Young black militants are a sign of hope for justice. - 4/29/2015 3:32:50 PM

Article: In baptism, the Apostle Paul says, we die with Christ. This means we are in solidarity with all those crucified by dominating power, such as victims of the prison-industrial complex. - 4/8/2015 5:41:09 PM

Article: The church can help working class and middle class Americans to come together around new leaders like Kshama Sawant and Gayle McLaughlin. - 3/16/2015 2:37:10 PM

Article: Real human beings who are able and willing to look squarely at the facts of life today can decide on a new vocation: to revolt against the corporate state that now controls most of government. - 10/21/2014 8:22:19 PM

Article: Chris Hedges along with Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, Kshama Sawant and Sen. Bernie Sanders made remarks at an event before the People's Climate March in NYC. - 9/23/2014 1:31:02 PM

Article: Israel has made Gaza into an Arab death camp. American political support for Israel is a sign of complete corruption of the political class. Hope is possible in people who decide to revolt. - 9/17/2014 8:08:09 PM

Article: It has become impossible for Israel to change itself, to provide justice for Palestinians. It must be forced to do so by outside forces like in South Africa. This has become a global moral imperative. - 7/14/2014 3:13:58 PM

Article: In this significant piece, the author speaks of human resistance to a consumer culture based on corporate profit, limitless exploitation, and continued extraction of fossil fuels. - 1/27/2014 12:09:03 PM

Article: Government shutdown is the natural result of the anger and hostility of the 'Christian right' to so-called secular society. These false religious leaders are seriously damaging the country. - 10/11/2013 7:09:36 PM

Article: Here is described the conditions for a mass rebellion of the American people against extreme inequality impoverishing so many and against the destruction of planet earth which threatens our children. - 9/30/2013 6:17:54 PM

Article: The election of a black president has put the black prophetic tradition at risk, and that is bad for the country as a whole. - 9/9/2013 5:01:34 PM

Article: Only a few in Germany had the courage to resist the Nazi regime. At what point will Americans realize that millions are dying due to policies of the United States? - 2/25/2013 6:26:40 PM

Article: Thirty years in solitary confinement have not silenced the voice of this black man, a 'Long Distance Revolutionary' as a new film about him is called. 70% of 2.2 million adults in jails are nonwhite. - 12/10/2012 3:26:27 PM

Article: An interview by Bill Moyers of Chris Hedges about his new book with Joe Sacco. Concrete examples of how corporate power is killing communities and democracy. - 7/27/2012 12:25:42 PM

Article: A new book by James Cone, 'The Cross and the Lynching Tree,' points to the reality of faith in a way neither Barth nor Niebuhr could do. Black theology points the way forward for the Protestant church - 1/9/2012 12:13:37 PM

Article: Were you there, the author asks, when they crucified the movement, a call to Trinity Church in NYC to allow use of an empty lot for the movement. - 12/5/2011 2:10:12 PM

Article: The author is arrested outside the bank's headquarters where he conducted a People's Hearing with Cornel West. - 11/4/2011 1:25:21 PM

Article: When Obama betrayed and abandoned his pastor he surrendered the last shreds of his integrity. - 9/19/2011 1:44:38 PM

Article: Political leaders and media commentators have not helped the American people understand the real reasons for 9/11, but justified a response of violence on a much more massive and terrible scale. - 9/11/2011 12:02:23 PM

Article: The goal of Republican politics has been to destroy teachers and the American education system, destroy the 'memory' of society, in favor of stimulus-response consumerism. - 4/11/2011 12:08:33 PM

Article: Liberals have been blind-sided by corporate power for three decades now and have not been able to act. Here are reasons to support Wisconsin and Michigan workers. Act Now! - 3/15/2011 4:21:57 PM

Article: This author's experience in eastern European rebellion is inspiration for what can happen in the United States today. - 12/14/2010 12:59:01 PM

Article: The more political and economic systems fail the working/middle class, the more they are turning to religion to express their rage. - 9/26/2010 3:07:20 PM

Article: The Gulf oil spill of B.P. is the result of business schools and universities churning out deaf, dumb and blind systems mangers without morality, common sense, compassion or remorse, little Eichmanns. - 5/19/2010 11:15:10 AM

Article: The bible functioned as 'media' in ancient worlds. Are pastors like reporters today, hiding behind claims of objectivity, afraid to take the side of truth, empathy, justice? - 2/3/2010

Article: Pastors would do well to read this searing analysis of how the minds and hearts of Americans are manipulated by corporate media, including a critique of Obama as a 'brand'. - 1/25/2010

Article: Martin Luther King and Malcolm X at the end of their lives shared a radical analysis of the social and economic conditions of black folks in this country. - 1/18/2010

Article: Protests against the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh need to expose the total failure of market-based globalization which enriches the few and impoverishes the many. - 9/22/2009

Article: Brand Obama will not prosecute the Bush administration for war crimes. It effectively masks the wanton internal destruction and theft being carried out by our corporate state. - 5/6/2009

Article: Facing the truth of how much economic institutions dominate society makes it possible to imagine how it should be different. - 3/29/2009 12:17:52 AM

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