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Article: James Comey investigates Trump's relation to Russian interference in the election. So Trump fires him. Mike Flynn may be a Russian stooge. Trump may owe Putin millions. Impeachment is probably coming - 9/7/2017 5:37:13 PM

Article: Join the resistance movement against Trump. Help create the conditions for his removal from office. Find others with whom you can act to make a difference. - 8/17/2017 5:20:34 PM

Article: Donald Trump is himself a racist despite anything he says later after he avoided the truth about what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Daily Stormer celebrates the death of Heather Heyer. - 8/13/2017 4:43:38 PM

Article: Mitch McConnell learned last night that winning isn't everything. Once in a while someone comes along and does what is right. It might be John McCain's last big public act. - 7/28/2017 7:37:41 PM

Article: In the case of Trinity Lutheran Church, a Missouri Synod congregation, the court reverses a state decision. It favors the false views of the religious right about religious freedom. - 7/12/2017 5:10:16 PM

Article: Luther's understanding of the cross functions as a critique of all 'theologies of glory' and as such is widely being retrieved to inform Christian formation. - 7/11/2017 7:18:27 PM

Article: The terms 'conservative', 'liberal', and 'libertarian' are so misunderstood today. The latter are the real utopians. Did the devil elect Donald Trump? Is government bad? Consider intersectionality. - 7/10/2017 3:46:44 PM

Article: James Thomas Hodgkinson, an ordinary person from Illinois, tried to kill a bunch of Republicans as they were playing baseball. The chickens are coming home to roost. - 6/14/2017 5:54:43 PM

Article: Four exhibitions for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation are in Minneapolis, New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Here is a review with comments on books by Andrew Pettegree & Lyndal Roper. - 5/21/2017 4:58:02 PM

Article: The Democratic Party is debating identity politics versus economic justice. Here are some thoughts based on a story my father told about prejudice and living as a minority. - 2/2/2017 1:13:20 AM

Article: Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos exhibits the Trump model by his attack on a transgender student in a campus speech. The media loves it, repeats it, and Trump is elected by it. Obnoxious & hateful - 12/23/2016 6:04:09 PM

Article: Under so-called 'free market' ideology dominant for several decades now, society is being torn apart with racial and class divisions. It has to stop. We want a free society served by a managed economy - 7/15/2016 2:23:31 PM

Article: Those who say Trump won 'fair and square' are wrong. He didn't win at all. He was given the nomination by the fawning corporate press who couldn't help themselves covering him to make money. - 7/3/2016 7:22:44 PM

Article: A Maundy Thursday sermon at Augustana Lutheran, Oregon. Jesus washes feet. References to violence in 20th century, in Brussels, and at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge by anti-federal government zealots. - 3/26/2016 5:15:17 PM

Article: Since Lenoir-Rhyne is a Lutheran university Bishop Timothy Marcus Smith did not want anyone to get the impression Lutherans endorsed Donald Trump. - 3/16/2016 12:23:43 PM

Article: Congressman Walden should apologize to the FBI, the State Police, and the Harney County Sheriff for increasing the dangers of the illegal Malheur Refuge occupation. Media placates conservatives. - 2/16/2016 7:47:25 PM

Article: This page is set up to follow the illegal actions of Ammon Bundy and associates near Burns, Oregon in January, 2016. The FBI and law enforcement have finally acted against these criminal acts. - 2/16/2016 2:03:32 PM

Article: The religious right in this country has ceased to be Christian. It is a Southern-oriented, commercialized, nationalized, politicized, racist religion worshiping false gods. It endangers democracy. - 2/11/2016 3:53:28 PM

Article: The libertarian editors of Portland's largest paper have published a poorly written puff piece about Lavoy Finicum who helped lead the Malheur Refuge take-over. Carli Brosseau should be embarrassed. - 2/7/2016 11:31:50 PM

Article: Listen to Ammon Bundy explain how 'the Lord' led him to go to Oregon to protest the arrest of two ranchers. But he is not relying on faith, but on guns and the threat of violence. - 1/24/2016 5:29:09 PM

Article: Hysterical anti-abortion rhetoric by pastors of the religious right is responsible for the deaths in Colorado at Planned Parenthood. Irresponsible preaching must stop. - 12/10/2015 7:45:57 PM

Article: Violent talk by hostile politicians gives permission to engage in violent acts. Here is some history. - 12/6/2015 6:13:23 PM

Article: The mainline denominations need to now understand themselves as 'New Protestants' over against a reactionary Southern form of Christianity or the 'religious right'. We have a new important mission. - 9/23/2015 3:07:16 PM

Article: Hitler used intense ethnic hatred and appealed to Germanic superiority through violence. Trump is using intense and explicit racism to emotionally manipulate voters. Image by George Hall. - 9/3/2015 4:09:04 PM

Article: An international congress on Bonhoeffer's political thought at Sigtuna, Sweden, reminds us how he spoke from the perspective of the crucified. - 4/23/2015 2:05:55 PM

Article: Governor John Kitzhaber has been forced to resign over his partner, Cylvia Hayes. The newspaper disliked their clean energy policies and went on a vicious campaign against them. - 2/13/2015 6:47:54 PM

Article: There is much political content in the life and work of Robin Williams who took his own life yesterday. He poured out his life for others in a way that reminds us of Christian faith. - 8/12/2014 7:38:23 PM

Article: In an exchange of letters regarding a statement endorsed by the Oregon Area Jewish Committee, Israel is urged to stop playing the victim game and take responsibility for its role in settlements. - 7/18/2014 6:19:41 PM

Article: Extreme wealth concentration is now as bad as before the Great Depression. Why can't Americans get excited by this and do something politically? Read Paul Krugman... - 3/28/2014 4:41:32 PM

Article: In his first big statement the new pope has severely criticized market-based economics and private propterty and raised up the poor as blessed by God. This is an amazing 'apostolic exhortation'. - 11/26/2013 7:41:44 PM

Article: Contentious argument must be used to present Protestant faith today, moving away from a liberal balanced style which fails to seriously challenge the huge challenges we face in a history of conflict. - 11/16/2013 8:15:53 PM

Article: The word 'kenosis' helps understand God's ways in the world and the false god of the market economy. A messiah church is called to work for peace, justice, and sustainable creation. - 11/9/2013 4:29:09 PM

Article: Protestants now face a new historical situation. It can be helpful to speak about ethics to come to understand that new situation. - 11/2/2013 5:00:55 PM

Article: Conceiving of a 'New Protestantism' may help interpret Martin Luther's impact on the modern world and what has happened to the mainline churches. Modern business enterprise is a crucial factor. - 10/26/2013 3:00:35 PM

Article: Reza Aslan has written a book about Jesus called 'Zealot' making him out to be a political radical. It's a good book, worth reading, even if he gets the Apostle Paul entirely wrong. - 8/1/2013 8:16:29 PM

Article: Exodus International, which promoted 'reparative therapy' for gays, is ending. President Alan Chambers admits to same-sex attractions and writes an apology to all he has hurt. - 6/20/2013 6:37:15 PM

Article: The press can't help itself, it must report the most negative and hostile view of things, without basic logic, and Obama joins the chorus. - 5/18/2013 11:56:53 PM

Article: A sermon for the Seventh Sunday of Easter, May 12, 2013, at Augustana Lutheran Church in Portland, Oregon. - 5/12/2013 7:47:58 PM

Article: On the cross Jesus portrays paradise as a place of justice, a place for those who recognize injustice in the land. To fear God is to understand God as a God of justice. - 3/28/2013 11:25:20 PM

Article: When otherwise good people promote policies destroying the lives of millions, such as libertarian thinking today, it should be called what it is. - 3/22/2013 2:56:39 PM

Article: The Medicare debate has become complicated, Ryan has two plans, and he and Mitt Romney are not being honest about their own approach. - 9/1/2012 7:20:31 PM

Article: A story at Fox News details the lies of the Republican vice-presidential candidate during his convention speech. - 8/30/2012 11:14:06 AM

Article: The mainline media have screened out the mainline Protestants, the tradition of Barack Obama. So the public sphere is skewed toward conservative religion. - 3/13/2012

Article: Daniel Maguire strongly critiques the bishops. They want public money for their institutions. Maybe the idea of a Catholic hospital is over. - 2/25/2012

Article: The Reverend Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, president of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, appears before a House committee set up to attack Obama on false grounds of religious freedom. No women allowed. - 2/20/2012 5:06:20 PM

Article: Liberal journalists engage in a typical practice of excluding mainline Protestants in major articles on religion. They end up propagating only conservative views. - 2/8/2012 4:09:03 PM

Article: The social democratic tradition is important for public theology today. Religion in politics globally and in the United States continues to have influence. Michael Harrington had some advice on this. - 12/17/2011 7:25:41 PM

Article: Action is needed inside the Catholic Church and ecumenical organizations against bishops now badgering President Obama about contraception services in health care. - 12/5/2011 2:20:11 PM

Article: A 1990 article by Peter Berger on clergy in the 'New Class' stimulates thought about primary Protestants now and for the future. - 4/14/2011 4:19:57 PM

Article : Fox News is closing Beck's program, the end of his attack against the first black president and his effort to influence what churches can teach, promoting an 'official' civil religion. - 4/6/2011

Article: Stephen Lerner proposes a mortgage strike and Glenn Beck goes nuts, calling it economic terrorism, but in the process gives the idea broad coverage. - 3/23/2011 4:32:57 PM

Article: Extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy is only one of the many ways Obama has betrayed the visions and expectations of his campaign for president. It is time now to actively protest. - 12/10/2010 4:42:20 PM

Article: Contemporary capitalist leaders are engaged in systematic stealing from workers and the poor against the will and law of God according to Martin Luther. - 12/9/2010 4:34:12 PM

Article: Three ordained lesbian pastors are offically received into the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. What a great witness for the church of Jesus Christ in a time of hatred and hostility. - 9/24/2010 5:08:45 PM

Article: Charlie Kernaghan of the National Labor Committee urges everyone to send a message to Honda management to negotiate in good faith with striking workers. - 6/17/2010 5:01:20 PM

Article : In his new book, the former House Speaker suggests he is the messiah who will 'save America' from socialist secularism. This is a real form of fascist talk and should be rejected by people of faith. - 5/20/2010

Article: Prepared for those Lutherans thinking about leaving the ELCA over the Minneapolis decision to affirm same-sex pastoral relationships, discussed here are James Nestingen, Robert Benne, others. - 5/3/2010 3:44:07 PM

Article : Virginia Governor McDonnell's failure to include slavery in his Confederate History Month declaration exposes a bigger problem for the South and for the country, continuing race-based politics. - 4/11/2010

Article : A recent interview with Jurgen Habermas provides an excellent framework for thinking about the contours of a public theology today, including the concept of egalitarian universalism. - 2/4/2010

Article: Same-sex pastoral relationships are so terrible that Benne is now leading a campaign to divide the ELCA and create a Lutheran wing of the religious right. Read here why he is wrong. - 1/22/2010 5:32:35 PM

Article: The South has and does dominate the politics of the United States. Ordinary Republicans can help end this now. Or, maybe not. - 1/22/2010

Article: With a history of protest, the primary Protestant churches and pastors can be partners for social and political change today all over the country. - 1/7/2010

Article : Joel Osteen is a heretic, as was Oral Roberts, and even such evangelicals as Rick Warren may qualify as heretics, according to a new report by the highest authority within Protestantism. - 1/6/2010

Article: Adult Forum presentation, Agnus Dei Lutheran Church in Gig Harbor, Washington. - 1/4/2010

Article: A statement about the primary audiences for this website. Opening discussion of a 'new Protestantism.' - 12/20/2009

Article: Jesus healed people, and didn't worry whether they were worthy. He just healed everyone he could, and accepted the legal structures of his time through which to do his work. - 11/8/2009

Article: Michael Sandel in his popular book on Justice refers to a speech by Robert F. Kennedy as the most promising voice in his lifetime. Here is the whole speech with an introduction. - 10/14/2009

Article: The word socialism is being used again and again in the health care debate by the right along with Nazism. But who are the real Nazis? Not to speak up today is same as not speaking against Hitler. - 8/14/2009

Article: A Lutheran pastor explains the background on Lutheran ethical teachings that may have influenced how Dr. George Tiller understood himself and his vocation as a physician. - 6/11/2009

Article: Catholic bishops and other anti-abortion extremists use hostile language creating a public context supportive of violent acts whether they intend such or not. - 6/6/2009

Article: Those who hate this 'abortion doctor' are bearing false witness. They lie about what's at stake in abortion. Here are some facts and some truth. - 6/3/2009

Article: A justice ministry for responsible development in Tacoma, Washington, is discussed with a focus on immigant workers at a Point Ruston luxury development. - 4/2/2009 1:17:52 PM

Article: Basic categories for ethical reflection are presented in a simple concept scheme which can be useful for thinking about any moral issue in personal or social-political-economic life. - 3/11/2009

Article : The three gods of Republican politics are failing them; the grief will be extensive; here is some pastoral counseling. - 3/10/2009

Article: The bible contains many communities of interpretation, not one view of God or ethics. This presents the possibility of a new Protestant Public Theology manifested by pastors in local congregations. - 3/7/2009

Article: A book by Sören Kierkegaard probes the depth of existential reality, a dimension so many modern folks avoid. Basic questions of truth are at stake here for a public theology for today. - 2/19/2009 9:21:15 PM

Article: In his last article for First Things, John Richard Neuhaus is dead wrong on the anti-abortion movement, again. - 2/15/2009

Article: A biography of Galbraith by Richard Parker is reviewed by J. Bradford DeLong. Democratic leaders lost their nerve to do what Galbraith thought best. - 1/19/2009

Article: The neoconservative movement loses its primary theological spokesperson. - 1/18/2009

Article: It may be time to begin to question the role of Catholic bishops in a democratic society. They think the most important thing to do is fight Obama on abortion. - 11/18/2008

Article: A report from George Barna and Associates reveals that many pastors supporting Republican politics have a false biblical worldview. - 9/29/2008

Article: Columnist Kathleen Parker ought not to be pronouncing absolutes for either science or the church. - 8/28/2008

Article: Prepared text of a presentation by Ed Knudson at a conference on religion and violence in Solvang, California. - 2/25/2008

Article: Episcopal leader Paul Zahl talks about how to read the bible in The Witness magazine. - 2/28/2005 10:37:24 AM

Article: Post-election analysis has lots of people talking about how Democrats can address issues of faith and politics: Michael Lind, Peter Dreier, George Lakoff, John B. Judis, Ruy Teixeira, etc. - 2/15/2005 12:28:49 PM

Article: Colin J. D. Greene of Seattle Pacific University has written an excellent book on Christology. - 2/7/2005 12:24:21 PM

Article: Should people of faith really be called lunatics? - 2/1/2005 1:03:07 PM

Article: From the Puget Sound out to the world, water connects all people in ways explored at a history conference on seascapes, littoral cultures, and trans-oceanic exchanges. - 1/24/2005 2:28:14 PM

Article: Please help us identify theologians who are interpreting current history. We need a modern Agabus. Jared Diamond writes about why societies decline. - 1/1/2005 6:28:43 PM

Article: Fox News Commentator Bill O'Reilly claims Christian faith is under siege from the secular movement trying to keep Christ out of Christmas. - 12/23/2004 12:20:30 PM

Article: Christmas sermons can explore a central meaning of incarnation by considering Stephen J. Nichols analysis of who is the antichrist. - 12/22/2004 11:34:06 AM

Article: Reflections on the nature of the self based on reading Wolfhart Pannenberg. - 12/21/2004 1:04:13 PM

Article: Media debate over Christmas symbols gives voice to the religious right but not mainline Christianity. But the state should not be propagating Christianity. - 12/17/2004 12:23:35 PM

Article: It is now necessary to explicitly oppose the religious right, its leaders, its beliefs, its immoral political influence. - 11/27/2004 11:01:19 AM

Article: The culture war is really about the old issue of small town versus the city, except now it's really gotten nasty. - 11/22/2004 2:08:20 PM

Article: A Lutheran pastor explains why even Lutherans who are Republican should vote for John Kerry this year. - 10/7/2004 10:03:01 AM

Article : President Bush sounded like a little boy in his State of the Union speech about not needing to ask permission. Kerry acts like a grown up. - 10/5/2004 12:45:42 PM

Article: Pastors who want to protect their flocks should carefully consider economic issues in this election. - 10/4/2004 11:26:50 AM

Article: Philosopher Leo Strauss, so loved by neoconservatives, addressed the `theological-political problem` important for public theology and Lutheran teaching. - 10/2/2004 2:42:54 PM

Article: Amy Sullivan in the Washington Monthly reviews the president`s promises and record on faith-based programs. - 10/2/2004 1:37:22 PM

Article: The spirit of Jesus has nothing to do with the hatred expressed by the religious right for homosexual persons. - 9/30/2004 2:53:47 PM

Article : Adult class presentation at Agnus Dei Lutheran Church, September 12 and 19, 2004. - 9/18/2004 2:37:24 PM

Article : Media professionals want to be fair to conservatives. We are ending up with Pravda, the Russian paper in the Cold War, says Ernest Partridge. - 9/16/2004 12:13:04 AM

Notes : Your assistance is requested to discover potential sources of funding for the Center for Public Responsibility. - 9/10/2004 10:54:10 PM

Article : Can moderate Republicans find a candidate to vote for? Some Republican public officials seek to change the Republican Party. - 9/9/2004 8:11:10 PM

Article : A new book by Kitty Kelly accuses Bush of taking drugs. But it's Karl Rove and Republicans that have put character assassination at the center of politics. - 9/5/2004 8:10:52 PM

Article : Robert B. Reich in his recent book, 'Reason', calls on religious progressives to get involved in politics. - 9/5/2004 6:01:42 PM

Article : Historical interpretation is critical to an informed view of the role of religion in public life. - 7/31/2004 11:48:41 AM

Article : John Kerry is refusing to be defined by his opponents in his speech accepting the Democratic nomination for president. - 7/30/2004 5:29:25 PM

Article : George Will sees no big changes necessary in foreign policy. Theologian Gary Simpson sees it differently. - 7/30/2004 11:13:10 AM

Article : Since 1964, the most unofficial news source from Washington D.C. by Sam Smith. - 11/19/2003 8:17:25 PM

Article : An ongoing log of the experience of the Iraq war along with links to further resources including how the media is covering the war. - 4/21/2003 7:59:01 PM

Article : Some thoughts on two major movements creating the political context for the Iraq war. Mentioned here are Norman Podhoretz, Irving Kristol, Daniel Bell, Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell. - 4/21/2003 1:46:47 PM

Article : Stephen Holmes disagrees with the argument of Robert Kagan about weak and strong powers and suggests Iraq is the wrong war if the goal is defeating terrorism. - 4/1/2003 12:21:30 PM

Article : Pastors often find it hard to speak about war. Maybe the idea of public church can help. Some specific ways to address the issue are offered here. - 3/31/2003 2:07:14 PM

Article : Is it our patriotic duty to boycott France? Fox News and some congresspeople are telling us to do so. Here's another view. - 3/26/2003 12:28:59 PM

Article : In its petition of support for President Bush the so-called Christian Coalition reveals how far it is from the real message of Jesus Christ. The Unchristian Coalition should be actively opposed. - 3/25/2003 1:04:16 PM

Article : A divided country is made more divided by presidential arrogance. - 3/23/2003 8:38:22 PM

Article : Racial politics still defines the country as revealed in Robert Caro's book on Lyndon Johnson. Reaction to the 1960s informs what's happening today. - 3/21/2003 1:07:44 PM

Article : Yale law professor Amy Chua opens a big window by which to see the social reality of what is actually happening in developing countries around the globe. - 3/17/2003

Article : People around the President have been pushing for an Iraq war for a long time. - 2/21/2003

Article : An adult class in three sessions on three dimensions of globalization. - 11/16/2002

Article : Federal judges will be appointed to appease the religious right. - 11/8/2002

Comment : Wtihout the religious right Republicans would not be claiming victory after the 2002 election. - 11/7/2002

Article : Gary Dorrien's book, Soul in Society, is recommended, especially for its criticism of neoconservatives. - 11/7/2002

Article : Robert W. Jenson writes of gospel mission and ecstatic worship in a world he accepts as 'postmodern' and thus lacking a narrative. - 11/7/2002

Article : A law and economics judge opposes justice based on moral philosophy in corporate behavior. - 7/10/2002

Article : Richard John Neuhaus writes about scandals in the Catholic Church. - 7/2/2002

Article : Speaking up against the agenda of the religious right. - 6/28/2002

Article : Basic categories of philosophic ethics, The Right, The Real and The Good, are discussed in the contest of Lutheran theology with its emphasis on language, 'the word'. - 6/7/2002 3:34:12 PM

Article : The Need to Reconsider Media Structures - 10/14/2001

Comment : Is it time for Protestants to go global? - 10/12/2001

Article : An initial response to the events of 9/11. - 9/29/2001

Article : Participation is requested to help define what a Public Theology should be after the events of 911. - 9/22/2001

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